Attracting Talent, Building Connection: 3Cloud's Top Workplaces Story 

Location: Downers Grove, IL

Industry: Custom Software Development & Consulting

Employees: 500-999


To leverage employer recognition awards for employee recruitment and celebrate a positive company culture 


Workplace Survey, Top Workplaces awards


Winning Top Workplaces awards significantly improved 3Cloud’s ability to connect with top talent across multiple physical locations. Now, candidates from across the country want to be a part of 3Cloud’s cohesive and successful team. 

Employee voices connect candidates to 3Cloud’s people-first culture  

Fostering a workplace culture where employees feel valued and heard is paramount at 3Cloud. Kristin Gilligan, Senior Director of HR Operations, and her talent acquisition team recognize the importance of employer recognition awards in shaping a people-first workplace experience. They are a powerful tool for recruitment and a significant source of employee pride. “To see a Top Workplaces badge, knowing that it came directly from 3Cloud employees, and they had a voice, is really powerful,” Gilligan said.  

Top Workplaces awards aren’t just badges of honor; they’re powerful tools for attracting and retaining top talent. As an HR leader for a remote-first organization, Kristin uses them to bridge connections with potential candidates across different cities. Whether based in Ohio or Chicago, candidates know what it means to be a Top Workplaces employer. 

“People recognize Top Workplaces. Being able to have that conversation with candidates is a way to connect different cities and people in a way that candidates really understand.”  

    Kristin Gilligan, Senior Director of HR Operations at 3Cloud

Third party validation attracts top talent with shared values 

The universal significance of these awards, especially in their founding city of Chicago, is undeniable. The honors reaffirm their commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture during rapid growth. Even before offering a position, 3Cloud uses the awards to highlight its culture and values through an “invitation to join,” offering candidates a glimpse into what it’s like to work for a Top Workplaces company.    

Being a Top Workplace is a testament to 3Cloud’s dedication to creating an exceptional, people-first workplace experience for every employee. Kristin and her team are making a real impact as a Top Workplace, validating 3Cloud’s culture and attracting like-minded talent nationwide with credible employer recognition. “It’s a tribute to the brand we’ve grown,” Gilligan said proudly.  

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