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Young Entrepreneurs Across America


Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs Across Americas, where our purpose is to empower students with unparalleled experiential learning. We equip students with the tools and resources necessary to craft a compelling narrative, setting them apart in the eyes of future employers.... Read more


Through our distinctive program, participants gain hands-on business ownership experience, fortified by robust support and mentorship, enabling them to thrive as tomorrow's leaders.... Read more


Our mission is to offer a transformative experience by providing daily insights from real-world ventures.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At Young Entrepreneurs Across Americas, we cultivate an ethos of 'work hard, play hard' as a cornerstone of our organizational culture. We prioritize the vital aspect of achieving a work-life balance, recognizing its profound significance. Our philosophy underscores the imperative of dedicating oneself to diligent effort for achieving success, while concurrently emphasizing the value of relishing the journey. We believe that a harmonious blend of hard work and enjoyment not only propels accomplishments but also enriches the overall entrepreneurial experience.... Read more


Our Mission
Through proven systems and field training we develop exceptional young people into successful entrepreneurs.


Shelby Township, MI


235 US Employees



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Company Snapshots

Branch Manager intern, Emilio Loya, and his painting crew!
Branch Manager Intern, Colin Lima, with homeowner after making a sale.
Branch Manager intern, Emma Arnold, on the job site.
General Manager, Brock Ritzhaupt mentoring Abby and Camden.