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Xactly Corporation

Xactly has helped thousands of companies and millions of sellers around the world beat their revenue targets. Using Xactly’s solutions, leaders look past the current quarter to create revenue streams for long-term growth.

The Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform marries artificial intelligence and 17 years of proprietary data in easy-to-use applications. Sentiment, process and trend analysis come together to form accurate machine forecasts. Quick identification and implementation of revenue plan, quota and territory improvements is easy. And, rapid calculation of even the most complex compensation plans keeps sales reps motivated and on track.

This makes the Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform the only solution that aligns seller behavior with boardroom strategy to create a resilient, predictable and profitable business.
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Xactly allows organizations to make better strategic decisions, optimize behaviors, increase sales and employee performance, improve margins, increase operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, design better incentive compensation plans, and reduce error rates in incentive compensation calculations.... Read more


Unleashing human potential to maximize company performance.... Read more


We help people unleash their potential through seamless, perfectly aligned sales performance management. The power of incentives enables our customers to build stronger relationships, and achieve more. Xactly provides decision-makers with data insights needed to tap the motivational power of their incentive compensation and inspire their employees.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

As a leader in the market, we are consistently focused on strategic growth, and the only way to do that is to hire, and engage, top-talent. One of the ways we retain top-talent is by fostering an environment of career growth and self-development. Xactly’s suite of career development resources includes quarterly learning offerings, 360 Feedback Assessments, focused curriculum for early career and new college graduates, Insights Discovery tools, and one-on-one development resources.

We focus on promoting those who are resourceful and curious about creating something the best and highest quality it can be. We strive to nurture those who seek solutions for problems and enjoy taking on new challenges. We value feedback from our employees and encourage them to seek it from peers and leaders as well. Cultivating a workplace where continuous learning is recognized is critical to building a workforce that is versatile and proactive, regardless of if someone is working in a group or focused on individual tasks. That is what we create here at Xactly and look forward to continuing to nurture this as a place where people can progress, learn and grow.
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Xactly's Company Values:
Customer Focus: We are committed to delivering solutions and services that make our customers thrive. To earn the trust of our customers, we must meet their expectations every single day with every interaction.
Accountability: We are accountable for our actions to our customers, our partners, and to each other.
Respect: We foster an environment of teamwork and mutual respect. We respect our peers, our customers, and our partners. We respect diversity and openness.
Excellence: We strive to achieve excellence in our solutions, services, support, and partnerships. We set high standards for excellence and aim to exceed them.

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