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With 2,685 students across two campuses spanning 133-acres, complemented by the intimacy of a 7:1 student-teacher ratio, Woodward offers the vast resources and opportunities of a college or university coupled with the intimacy and attention of home. Woodward is a place for students to come together with compassion and respect, a place for nurturing conversation and understanding. At the core of our belief is that all people are innately valuable as they were created, and it is that identity, that energy, that charges our students and graduates with a mission: Make a difference. Serve others. Engage the world with empathy and passion. This shared purpose is something we call The Woodward Way.... Read more


From pre-K to senior year, we create opportunities for each child to thrive, whether they excel in math, get inspired by robotics, or flourish in literature and art classes. Our Academy is the most diverse and inclusive independent school in Atlanta. Students learn organically from exposure to perspectives different from their own, and we immerse them in intentional programs to teach tolerance, respect, and compassion.

In a world that is often divided, we excel in academics, but our aims are higher than college acceptance. We want to give our graduates habits of heart and mind to last a lifetime, to guide them not only toward material success but to a life of meaning and purpose.

Woodward is a place for nurturing conversations and understanding. We believe that all people are innately valuable as they were created, and it is that identity, that energy, that charges our students and graduates.
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Woodward Academy will be the national model in college-preparatory education.... Read more


Woodward Academy is Atlanta at its very best. We intentionally bring together students from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, creating a richer learning community and exceptional academic opportunities. Our students and graduates are caring and compassionate global citizens who are a microcosm of what the world should be.... Read more


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