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As a farmer and rancher owned cooperative, Wilco serves the unique needs of over 500,000 customers with a member base thousands strong.

Wilco and it’s partnership with Valley Agronomics LLC, have a long tradition of success and stability. This is due largely to unwavering member loyalty and support, and a clear vision of the values and strategies that will continue to guides the team in the future.

Wilco realizes that change is inevitable and healthy, and approaches business from the framework of change management to strengthen agriculture into the future, rather than be reactionary. While the goal remains the same- to consistently provide value to farmer-owners and customers, stay well positioned through a strong team, core values and the spirit of cooperation that makes co-ops a success. And ultimately, to serve a purpose of remaining a cooperative that strengthens agriculture and the rural lifestyle.
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As a member-owned cooperative, we are committed to strengthening agriculture and rural lifestyles... Read more


We are respected as a growing world-class company because of our satisfied members, engaged employees, and connection with the community.... Read more


Wilco is a successful cooperative agribusiness with quality employees, profitably serving with integrity, the unique needs of customers in the Willamette Valley and surrounding areas.... Read more


We base our reputation through honest behaviors, trust-based interactions and standing behind our word.


Mount Angel, OR


991 US Employees


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