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Wiland is the best predictor of consumer response. By applying advanced predictive analytics to its vast U.S. spending data and interest-intensity signals, Wiland enables brands and their agencies to find the people ready to spend with them immediately and to make repeat purchases at a high rate. Wiland also has the largest donor database in America that fuels audience products to help fundraisers acquire new donors and optimize relationships with existing donors. Dedicated to continuous excellence in serving and supporting the success of all of the company’s valued stakeholders—clients, employees, vendors, partners, and consumers—Wiland is a fast-growing company at the forefront of data-driven marketing innovation.... Read more


Since 2005, Wiland has assembled the brightest minds, the best modeling platforms, and the most comprehensive, detailed consumer spending data to create profitable connections between brands and their ideal customers. The proof of this success is in the company’s 97% retention rate of its top 500 clients. This commitment to supporting client success is mirrored in the company’s dedication to taking excellent care of employees. Wiland is a company where organizations go to increase their marketing performance. It is also a workplace where employees come to learn, grow, and excel within a highly innovative company—one that offers robust benefits, professional development, growth opportunities, and an emphasis on community and caring. This combination is distilled in the mantra of “Work Hard and Be Nice” that permeates the company’s culture.... Read more

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Wiland’s core values of honesty, integrity, goodness, and transparency serve as the bedrock of the company’s culture, both in supporting the success of its clients and in providing its employees opportunities to succeed personally and professionally. Wiland’s goal is to set the company apart through its superior data-driven marketing solutions and through its culture of being diligent in its work and encouraging employee growth and creativity. Wiland strives to provide a workplace that is driven by caring and kindness in which respect, integrity, and inclusion are cultivated and expected, and in which everyone feels empowered to bring their authentic selves to work every day.... Read more


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What employees are saying

I feel genuinely appreciated and cared for. My work-life balance is very good and I am encouraged to keep it as such and pay attention to my mental health, which is very nice! I am also encouraged continuously to grow and learn new skills within my job, which makes my work very rewarding.

My manager takes an active role in helping me in my life to learn and grow in my career. I feel well taken care of and I know that I am a priority in the company. When there is an issue, people work to solve it and to improve the work environment.

We work as a team and back each other up.

The team I'm working in, fully supports me and help me grow

My team is genuinely fun, understanding, but all are still hard workers. They make meetings fun and enjoyable and the senior members of my team always make themselves available for questions that I have. It's seriously a win/win for me.

I have a great team to work with every day - brilliant, committed, loyal, and caring individuals.

I have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and direction of the company

I have the trust of my manager and company to do my job to the best of my ability while also having the flexibility to express my creativity and to balance and live my life at home

The people I work with are great and the company sincerely values it's employees and their families well being.

I have the ability to work remote, have a fantastic work/life balance, and have a manager who really cares about myself and the team and is invested in each one of us.

I love the company. The employees are amazing. I am very comfortable knowing what is expected of me and given the tools to be successful.

I have been able to grow every year at this company and growth is what keeps me engaged and striving for more.

My coworkers are great. I know what is expected of me and I am given opportunities to grow.

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