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Whitmor, Inc. Overview

For over 70 years, Whitmor has been “bringing organization home” to consumers around the world. Through strong partnerships with our retail partners, Whitmor sells home organization, storage, laundry accessories and garment care products into the retail market. We take great pride in helping consumers bring organization home through value, quality, innovation and outstanding customer service, all achieved with the highest of ethical standards.

As a 4th-generation family-owned business, we continue to create opportunities out of challenges in order to maintain our status as the industry leader within our product categories. As a private company, we are driven to exceed the expectations of our retail partners and consumers rather than those that Wall Street might expect from a public company.

To be the consumer's choice for organization products and services.
'Bringing Organization Home' to Consumers Around the World
Additional Culture Details
It is often said that “it takes a village”, and Whitmor epitomizes this reality. In the ever-changing world of retail, we push the boulder up the hill together in order to accomplish the seemingly impossible. We take risks, we overcome adversity, we seize moments in time, and we take advantage of opportunities in the retail marketplace to ensure that our position as a leader within our product categories remains untouchable.

We are product designers, engineers, photographers, accountants, lawyers, sales professionals, logistics experts, graphic designers, technology specialists, warehouse operators, professional home organizers, and so much more. We are from America, China, Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, Peru, and the Netherlands… to name just a few. The many roads of life have brought a great, talented, and diverse group of individuals together to change the world, one organizing product at a time.
Our People
Without question, our most important asset is the team of Whitmor employees who put in the hard work that continues to drive our business forward. Our team thrives in challenging situations, and if our ambitions aren't aggressive, we aren't pushing ourselves enough.
We act with integrity in all we do and show respect to all we interact with. As a company, we are accountable for our actions and all of our successes and failures. Striving to always do "the right thing" is in our corporate DNA.
Customer Service
If you don't take care of your customers, they will not take care of you. We look to build true partnerships with our retail customers and strive to build trusting and forever lasting bonds with our everyday customers who purchase our products. We will be there for our customers when they need us the most, period.
Product Knowledge
Being experts in our product categories is something that is fundamentally paramount to our success. No one should know more about the products that we offer than we do. This product knowledge allows us to educate and assist, from our factory partners to our retail buyers, and most importantly to the customers that ultimately purchase our products.
We are flexible, adaptable and responsive. We have been this way since 1946, and we know that our future depends on speed and flexibility. We will make business decisions that demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and urgency, while constantly fine-tuning our ability to stay aligned to a retail environment that is always in motion.
Quality is at the forefront of all we do. Our reputation for - and commitment to- providing quality products has allowed us to meet and exceed the expectations of our retail partners and customers throughout our history. Quality is one of those things we just refuse to make compromises on if those compromises will tarnish the Whitmor name.
Southaven, MS
118 US Employees
Consumer Goods Distribution


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