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Whip Salon is more than just a salon, it’s a lifestyle. Our brand has a way of resonating with staff and clients alike which equals success. The Whip Salon brand is hip, modern, edgy and upscale. The concept was started by someone who is used to being IN the chair as opposed to BEHIND the chair. Our brand encompasses the convenience of a blowdry bar with the quality of a full service traditional salon. Every aspect of the business has been thought through and innovation abounds with the client in mind. We’ve created a modern experience that is more than just getting your hair done.... Read more


Being employed at Whip Salon is special. It's more than coming to work and just collecting a paycheck. We're all part of a movement in job satisfaction which means working together to create a positive, flourishing environment where we can explore our passion and make money doing it.... Read more

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These core values are displayed proudly in our break rooms as a reminder for what we stand for. We also have a quarterly Whip Salon Book Club that is dedicated to ongoing learning and self improvement. We send out a weekly Positive Vibes email to the teams to continually share all the good reviews from the week so everyone can lift each other up. We end each team meeting with positive reinforcement for a new team member each meeting.

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We respect and value each other, we have fun at work and are passionate about what we do. #welovewhatwedo


Ridgefield, CT


44 US Employees


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