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West Coast University Overview

WCU faculty and staff are committed to delivering transformational education within a culture of integrity and personal accountability.
At West Coast University, we embrace a student-centric learning partnership that leads to professional success. We deliver transformational education within a culture of integrity and personal accountability. We design market-responsive programs through collaboration between faculty and industry professionals. We continuously pursue more effective and innovative ways through which students develop the competencies and confidence required in a complex and changing world.
Additional Culture Details
At WCU, the work you do empowers our future nurses, therapists, dental hygienists and more — propelling them into our communities where they can do the most good. As part of our dynamic, energized culture, you’ll contribute to our unique mission that always puts students first. You’ll collaborate with incredible people, grow in your profession, and transform healthcare education. Discover what it means to truly believe in the work that you do.
We are committed to ensuring visibility into the work and to the outcomes that each of us drive. We believe that practicing transparency illuminates process and highlights our commitment to shared success.
Learn + Grow = Thrive
As a learning organization, we are committed to helping each member of our organizational community learn, and in so doing, get just a little better all the time.
We believe that in the multitude of input, risk is diminished and quality decisions are more apt to be achieved, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.
Team Oriented
Emphasizes team over the individual, realizing that the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.
Student Centered
Our organization puts students and their long-term success at the center of our values.
Authority is equally vested in a number of colleagues, and that collegiality is reflected by a sense of camaraderie amongst those colleagues.
Irvine, CA
2,000 US Employees
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