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WellLife Network Inc

A Pledge to Help People 'Be Well for Life'

WellLife Network remains steadfast in its mission: to help each person achieve greater personal and economic independence and to assist each person to “be well for life”. As one of the largest health and human services organizations in New York, we provide a broad range of Behavioral Health, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, Youth & Families, Residential, Addiction Recovery and Care Coordination services in more than 300 facilities throughout New York City and on Long Island.

We work to find solutions to challenges and to leverage those challenges as opportunities for the future, as we remain a regional leader in the industry. Our dedicated, compassionate, caring and skilled staff of 1,800 volunteers, interns and consultants forms the team that delivers high quality and highly accountable services.
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Our mission is to empower individuals and families with diverse needs to realize their full potential for achieving meaningful goals, guided by principles of independence, health, wellness, safety and recovery.... Read more


WellLife Network will increase its scale and capabilities to thrive and grow in a changing health care environment, allowing it to compete more effectively and with sustainability in the health and human services arena. For some 60 years, WellLife Network has brought, and continues to bring, vital services to those who are among our most vulnerable citizens in our society.... Read more


WellLife Network embraces its commitment to the complex challenges faced by individuals and families throughout New York and Long Island communities. Our goal is to empower individuals and families, with diverse needs, to realize their full potential by achieving meaningful life goals, guided by the principles of independence, health, wellness, safety and recovery... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Almost four decades of advocating for the wellness of the individuals we serve has made us the strong, reliable and the empowering organization that we are today. These times are challenging, but we view
every challenge as an opportunity to help people reach their life’s goals. At the core of our success is
a committed staff – the foundation for any successful business. Our compassionate and passionate team is mission-based and each member has a unified, overriding charge – to help individuals reach their life goals.

WellLife Network also places an extremely strong emphasis on its infrastructure – the HR, IT, finance, legal, facilities, purchasing, grants management, development, marketing, communications and other administrative functions that support our staff to do their best work with individuals and families. Our infrastructure, which also draws upon the talents of specialty consultants, enables us to deliver efficient and effective health and human service solutions; gives us the capacity to quickly and efficiently launch and scale major programs and initiatives, and significantly contributes to our competitiveness within the field.
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Change for Improvement
Envisioning an organization that is responsive to change to assure that all that we do is relevant and of the highest standards.

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