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As Waggl completes its fourth year of operation, the company has fully embraced the importance of elevating Employee Voice, both internally and externally. The co-founders of Waggl believe that culture is the most critical component to the success or failure of the company, and that a healthy, resilient culture begins with one of the most effective agents for organizational change and development: Active Listening. Waggl’s culture is grounded on inclusive and transparent communication with the understanding that authentic feedback leads to greater engagement, productivity, shared sense of purpose, and a clearer path of action for the organization.

Make work more human
Additional Culture Details
Waggl’s employee experience resources and initiatives are focused on making life better by embracing core values of health and wellness throughout the company. Not only does Waggl provide perks like reimbursable gym memberships, Crossfit classes, educational resources, and other resources, we also nurture a healthy mindset in our day-to-day work. In addition, we host brown bag sessions with expert practitioners in fields like nutrition and ergonomics. Taking advantage of our small town setting, we regularly take one-on-one meetings walking on a path around a beautiful marina rather than sitting in the conference room all day. We have a partnership with a unique local wellness center next to our office that offers fitness, yoga, meditation, kayak rentals, and other classes. This focus on wellness is embraced by the leaders of the company, too, ensuring that health and wellness are embedded in the culture. It isn’t unusual to partner up with our CEO in a morning boot camp class or join our Head of Customer Success in a stretching break.

By utilizing these perks and making health a priority, Waggl’s leaders set the example for the rest of the staff. Our flexible working hours allow team members to prioritize their health at the time of day that works for them, regardless of whether they are at our headquarters in Sausalito or working remotely. One avid runner on the team sometimes takes a long break midday to run 5-12 miles. In addition to flexible work hours, Waggl offers an exceptionally lenient remote work culture that allows staff to work from anywhere. If someone needs to take care of a sick family member, they are welcome to work from home. The company also encourages employees to travel and take time off for their own personal development.
Put family first and team second above individual gain: flexible schedules
Be humble and respect others.: celebrate team wins
Act with honesty: safe to acknowledge mistakes
Thrive with change: flexibility and patience as we grow quickly
Be excellent and never give up: put worth our best quality work with commitment and dedication to the organization mission
Sausalito, CA
35 US Employees
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