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Since 1919, Victaulic’s innovative solutions and design services continue to increase construction productivity and reduce risk, ensuring projects are completed safely, on time and within budget. With more than 3,600 employees and 40 international facilities, Victaulic helps customers in 120 countries succeed in the global construction industry. Learn more about how our solutions engineer confidence into every build at Read more


Be a workplace environment that supports employee success and increases overall value to the organization... Read more


Foster an environment of respect and trust where all employees: are valued and recognized for their contributions; communicate candidly without fear; develop their skills and grow their careers; focus on innovation and excellence in all that they do; work collaboratively to solve problems; consistently exceed customer expectations; and bring their best selves to work. ... Read more


To strengthen our position of leadership in the piping industry, Victaulic and its employees hereby commit to: Consistently develop innovative products and services that provide real value to our customers, throughout the world. Understand our customers’ expectations, and to routinely exceed them. Optimize quality and productivity by utilizing the most modern equipment and facilities, and up-to-date technology. Train and develop our employees and provide them with an environment that fosters growth and career satisfaction, and encourages them to challenge our processes. Recognize our responsibilities to our shareholders, to the environment, and to the communities in which we live and work... Read more

Additional Culture Details

1 Non-Hierarchical Management: Do not block or slow down the flow of
information or progress out of a need for control. Be a goal-oriented problem solver.
2 Integrity: Exhibit the highest level of ethical behavior. Inspire and energize
people to perform at a higher level.
3 Global Mindset: Act in the company’s collective best interest first,
and collaborate across boundaries.
4 Respect: Treat colleagues with respect and dignity; do not undermine
directly or indirectly.
5 Teamwork: Set actionable and achievable objectives, and be a source of help,
and guidance to build a connection and trust across teams.
6 Communication: Communicate clearly, effectively and sufficiently with all stakeholders
early and often. Be open, listen and respectfully challenge where appropriate.
7 Commitment: Make commitments and promises sufficiently aggressive to ensure
the company’s success; keep the promises made to colleagues and the organization.
8 Support: Support the company’s goals and strategies, developing necessary
commitments for success. Offer solutions to business challenges.
9 Development: Attract, mentor, empower and retain the best people;
surround yourself with innovators and agents for change.
10 External Focus: Define success in market and customer terms. Understand
customer needs and consider the external impact of business decisions.
11 Clear Thinker: Simplify strategy into specific actions, make decisions
and communicate priorities.
12 Devotion: Devote the appropriate time, energy, passion and enthusiasm to your job.
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Easton, PA


1,600 US Employees


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Victaulic has a strong culture of being a good neighbor in the communities in which we live and work. This legacy, stemming from our owners, board of directors and decades of Victaulic leaders, is very much alive and well today.
For nearly 40 years, Victaulic has called the Lehigh Valley home as it's continued to grow.
Victaulic is truly an exceptional place to work because of the dedication of our current and former employees and their passion for customer excellence.
From the tallest buildings to the deepest mines, customers rely on Victaulic systems every day. Today, one billion Victaulic solutions have been installed worldwide.