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Vero Health Center

Live Happy, Healthy + Pain-Free Through Effective Neurologically-Based Chiropractic Care... Read more


Our vision is to see all human’s living life at their true, God-given potential. “Vero” means “true" or "truth” in Italian. We believe true health comes from focusing on the root cause of one’s health conditions. That is why we focus on the nervous system first. Once the brain communicates with the body the way it was designed to, healing will come.... Read more


Our mission is to give hope and empower everyone to be the greatest version of themselves. There is no greater joy than witnessing our practice members experience hope and healing in our office.... Read more


We over-communicate and are transparent about all issues. We talk about what is difficult and we are okay with calling out and being called out to improve each other and the group.


West Des Moines, IA


40 US Employees


Healthcare - Other

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