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Verisys provides health care professional data aggregation, primarily for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation products and services. Verisys is a primary source data aggregator of medical provider demographic, sanctioning and licensing content from across the United States. Verisys serves health care clients by helping customers verify and validate persons, professionals and businesses.

Our primary goal is to deliver critical information accurately to ensure regulatory compliance, minimize legal and reputation risk, prevent health care waste, abuse, and fraud, and improve the quality of health delivery in the United States.
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Verisys was created in 1992 to mitigate fraud, waste and abuse in the United States health care system through a powerful blend of ingenuity, data and technology.... Read more


Verisys is dedicated to mitigating legal, financial, and regulatory risk for its clients and their end-users by preventing fraud, waste, and abuse in health care. Verisys returns accurate and timely data on individuals, professionals, and businesses for contracting, privileging, employment, reimbursement, and referral validation purposes.... Read more


Our Whole Philosophy is one of transparency. Verisys provides a comprehensive technology platform of data, analytics, and services catering to the full spectrum of organizations in the health care sector. Verisys’ mission is to protect health care consumers by enforcing competency and patient safety through transparency. As stewards of provider data, Verisys is one of only a few Credential Verification Organizations both URAC accredited and NCQA certified for 10 out of 10 verification services.... Read more

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Verisys is the leading provider of the most comprehensive health care data, coupled with deep health care industry experience to provide the data through agile technology used to screen, verify, monitor for credentialing, enrolling, and hiring the individuals and entities in the health care sector. Because of the nature of our work we are all deeply invested in keeping bad actors out of the health care system makes it safer for everyone. We are the people working hard to protect your family from those individuals who should not be working in healthcare.... Read more



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