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We are designers of software that’s made to carry your design vision further. We think like you, imagine like you, and strive to create that next big thing like you. Design is at the core of our business. It’s what moves us forward every day.... Read more


Our commitment to developing world-class 3D and BIM modeling software is ingrained in a singular truth: inspired design happens at the hands of the designer with the tools they select to envision and manage the project. Vectorworks supports that inspiration with a product line that focuses on providing more efficiency and reliability, no matter the type of design. It’s an approach that improves our users’ day-to-day design experience — a singular software solution that lets designers focus on designing, and not the design software. Because when it’s simple to do everything, you can create anything. We’re building a future of simplicity — simplicity to design the complex.... Read more


From our award-winning company and products to our market-leading entertainment software solutions, we envision your design needs through the lens of using best-in- class 2D and 3D technologies and data to improve the entire design process. It’s our focus on providing you with intuitive interfaces to best-in-class technology that makes your selection of Vectorworks the right choice for informing your design decisions throughout the entire project lifecycle.... Read more


Our business is building software solutions that are intuitive, powerful, and practical for design professionals around the world. Using best-in-class 3D technology, our products give the freedom to model anything the designer can imagine, while presenting it with the precision and artistic flair they require. We combine this with a collaborative environment that allows our customers to work with other designers and across other disciplines. By focusing on the design phases, we help designers around the world work more efficiently with tools purpose-built for their industry and design needs.... Read more


Strength lies in differences, not similarities. We are open to considering different perspectives, different approaches to life and to our work. Every person regardless of their ethnicity, status, gender, or position will be treated with respect. Logical, fair, and timely decisions will be made to ensure that all Vectorworks employees are treated without indifferences.

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