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In 1955, Albert G. Van Metre began a business endeavor that would evolve into a powerful enterprise. From the start, his meticulous nature and uncompromising ideals set him apart from other local developers, and his name soon became synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. In the decades he ran the company, he earned a reputation as a shrewd businessman and a generous benefactor — a reputation we strive to uphold every day.

At Van Metre, we believe the strength of a community is determined by the people who call it home. So, for nearly 70 years, we have been building new homes, offices, a
At Van Metre, we believe the strength of a community is determined by the people who call it home. So for more than 65 years, we have been building new homes, offices, apartments and retail centers in the greater Washington region. Our portfolio of companies combines and connects to support each other’s success and enrich the lives of those who live, work, play and shop in the communities we serve.
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At Van Metre, we believe the strength of a community is determined by the people who call it home. Our portfolio of companies combines and connects to support each other’s success and enrich the lives of those who live, work, play, and shop in the communities we serve... Read more


Van Metre Companies has a long tradition of succeeding in business by diligently and continuously pursuing the following business goals that encompass our vision. Products and Customers - The Company strives to provide the highest quality and best-valued products and services available in its marketplaces with a goal of keeping customers for life and assuring our continued success. The Company seeks to provide the best experience for our customers so that they will continually think of Van Metre for the products and services that we provide and refer others for future business. Employees - The Company's goal is to provide a work environment that allows our employees to flourish, seek growth potential, achieve tremendous work satisfaction, and feel pride in their work and the Company. The Company encourages its employees to maintain a positive work/life balance that will help make them happy at work and at home. Profitability - The Company has achieved profitability every year in its history and has adopted plans intended to assure continued profitability. The Company strategically manages risk to produce positive returns in good times and bad. Future - The Company's goal and expectation is that we will continue in business from generation to generation. With that in mind, we take a long-term view of the decisions we make and our current and future investments. The Company will continue to develop talent among our employees and look long term to assure succession.... Read more


Make the "Van Metre" signature an icon for the finest quality, best valued, and most sought-after residential communities, industry-leading condominium and apartment communities, Class A neighborhood retail centers, office developments, and mortgage services. With vast experience across all aspects of residential and commercial real estate, the Van Metre Companies has been serving the local Greater Washington DC area for nearly 70 years. At the helm is a leadership team comprised of our founder’s heirs and business colleagues who worked alongside him for many years. Working closely with senior managers across all Van Metre business lines, this management team ensures optimal results for our employees, our investors, and the residents of our hometown.... Read more

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Van Metre was built on ideals of teamwork, respect and dignity, ownership, community, work/life balance, and integrity. We truly believe that our employees are the backbone of what has made this company great for nearly 70 years. The employee experience is such an integral part of who we are that a function of our People Operations team is to help shape that experience across the employee lifecycle. Van Metre is constantly looking for ways to show our appreciation to new and veteran employees. One thing that is continually noted in our employee surveys is the company's focus on efforts to show employees how much they are valued through appreciation and recognition events, new benefits and policies, and a culture of mutual respect and dignity.

Our commitment to our guiding principles shines through from the carefully crafted candidate experience through to the exit interview stage. We truly want our employees to be brand ambassadors - the message that this vision requires authentic care for the experience of employees at the company is overarching and continually expressed in word and deed. The highest compliment we can hope to receive is feedback from our employees that we are constantly looking for new ways to address challenges and build on strengths - one of the most important of which is the family focus and family feel that our leadership at every level fosters.
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Participating in our communities. Supporting community and charitable efforts that are consistent with our personal beliefs. Encouraging the efforts of our co-workers to volunteer their time to help those in need.


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