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Valmark Financial Group Overview

Since our founding in 1963, Valmark Financial Group has been at the forefront of the financial services industry, working exclusively with successful entrepreneurial wealth transfer and wealth management firms to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of our clients. Our entities specialize in providing life insurance, equity, investment advisory, risk management, and retirement plan products and support services for the industry’s top tier of independent financial advisors.

To radically transform the financial services industry in a profound and positive way, and to do so with the greatest level of simplicity and integrity.
Additional Culture Details
Valmark proudly has an employee ENGAGE program. ENGAGE is a multifaceted program that has a stated purpose to "Create an environment for employees that will promote a greater sense of work/life balance, further social responsibility, attract and retain great employees and, most importantly, build greater ENGAGEMENT will all employees." The team is made up by a group of employees from each department at Valmark. The colors of the ENGAGE logo each represent a component of the program:
Purple = Workplace Fun,
Yellow = Employee Appreciation/Kudos,
Green = Community,
Blue = Wellness,
Workplace fun includes onsite food trucks, annual employee olympics, festive parties, family-friendly company outings, and an annual holiday celebration. Employee Appreciation/Kudos includes a culture that rewards you for being part of the team. We want to help our employees grow their confidence both personally and professionally. Through our Core Awards program, we recognize hardworking employees who display our core values. Valmark strives to give back to the community by offering every employee one full day to volunteer at a local organization. In addition, Valmark has been a long time supporter of Haven of Rest ministries in Akron and throughout the year we have canned good drives, collect children's Christmas gifts, and organize a monthly volunteer opportunity. Valmark is committed to employee wellness. Our wellness program consists of a team of employees dedicated to promoting and cultivating a healthy lifestyle. As part of the program, full-time employees are given a yearly reimbursement for wellness-related purchases. Qualified purchases include gym memberships, yoga classes, weight loss programs, exercise programs, events/fitness competitions, smoking cessation programs, and exercise equipment.
We Build Lasting, Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
We look for lasting, win-win partnerships with people and companies. We will always choose solutions that are mutually beneficial for the longest period of time. We believe
there is no sustainable business model built on short-sighted decisions that create one-sided results.
We Tell the Truth About Everything
We tell the truth to everyone including our staff, the companies we work with, our Member Firms and their clients. We tell the truth even when it is hard. We tell the truth even when it means significant change, such as in the products we sell, technology we use or the way in which we are regulated. As Dan Sullivan, Founder and President of Strategic Coach, said so eloquently, “All progress begins by telling the truth."
We Live By the Golden Rule
In everything we do we ask, “Is this fair if we were on the other side of the transaction?” This applies to how we treat our employees, our member firms, their clients and everyone with whom we work. When considering the products or services we offer, we ask the question, “Is this something we would buy ourselves if our own family’s future depended on it?” We seek to inspire all those associated with us to go above the minimum legal or regulatory standard and do what is right for the client. In short, we strive to treat others the way we want to be treated.
We Protect Our Innovative and Entrepreneurial Culture
We have prospered since our founding because we have always been ready to challenge the status quo and embrace change. We see ourselves as part pioneers and part stewards. Our Member Firms trust us to not only predict the winds of change, but to also harness these winds and navigate them successfully. We do this through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. These are fundamentals that match the true spirit of our independent Member Firms and allow for a foundation upon which to build trusted relationships. Our internal team members who lead and embrace change in order to produce positive results are rewarded accordingly.
We Simplify Complexity
We relentlessly strive to streamline everything for our Member Firms and the clients they serve, even if it means increased effort or cost to ValMark. We reward the members of our internal team who find ways to do things more simply and create value for our Member Firms. Making things complex is easy, but making them simple is hard. This is a challenge from which we will never back away.
Akron, OH
121 US Employees
Financial Services & Insurance - Conglomerate


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