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UT is a place where employees are truly empowered to live and breathe our core values. It’s a place where people practice respect and are respected by others. We are free to openly give and receive feedback, and to speak out about any topic is not only acceptable but encouraged.

UT is a company where employees are truly owners. We understand how our work contributes to the success of the company and our customers. We are motivated to own results because they truly care about doing good work. We are guided by the principle of putting our customers first, be it external customers for our customer facing teams, participants for our Panel team, or internal customers for our employee facing ones. We possess an urgency and drive to make sure that our customers are successful.

UT invests in employees and wants everyone to get better. While we give an educational stipend, we also give relevant guidance on how to learn and perfect the skills needed to do the best job for the company and as a result, yourself. Our employees are investments and, when we hire, we aren’t hiring someone to just do a job, we’re hiring someone for their potential to be an all star who can contribute in various ways throughout their tenure.

UT is a place where people enjoy work because we are inspired and challenged by what we’re working on, and enjoy collaborating and spending time with our coworkers because they are friends. UT is not just a place to come, sit down at your computer, and then leave when you’ve done your time. Rather, it’s an opportunity to learn, improve what we do, challenge yourself, delight customers, have fun, and share experiences with your teammates.

UT values the broadest inputs into every decision, because more input makes the output that much better. To achieve this, we try to create a diverse and inclusive atmosphere, where people are valued for their skills and contributions. We strive to be a meritocracy where performers are valued across department lines, supported as experts in their areas, and appreciated as collaborators on any topic.

We also are driven by the value of keeping it simple and having as few rules and processes in place as possible. Removing any unnecessary oversight allows us to move fast and have the maximum impact. Anybody can create something complex. Creating something simple is a more difficult but necessary challenge that we thrive off of.

At UT, executives lead by example. More than others, our executives must be individuals who not only understand but truly value and drive the culture that we have.

We want your work with us to be the most fulfilling experience in your work life and an unforgettable job.

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