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When you travel for business, you deal with a world of things that drive you crazy. That’s why we created Upside — the first online travel service exclusively for business travelers. At Upside, we make every business trip better — from start to finish.

At Upside, you’ll find the best available prices for airfare, hotel, car rental, and rideshare. Better yet, when you book with Upside, our 6-star customer service gives you 24/7 access to travel experts who are eager to help you.
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We are an ambitious, well-funded startup with plans to change a $1 trillion global industry. We want better business trips. There are a lot of companies that sell travel. None serve companies with 3% cash back, no fees, and 24x7 service. And, none focus on the total trip. From end-to-end. For the entire team.... Read more


“If you want to build a big business, solve a big problem.” - Jay Walker, Co-Founder & Chairman, Upside Business Travel. Successful business trips build companies and careers, and there are 10-15 million people who don’t like how things work for them right now. We want our customers to feel important, understood, and supported. Our go to market through Upside Business Travel and our distribution partnership with Flight Centre positions us to win every prospect we meet. ... Read more


We enable people who travel for business to stay laser focused on the purpose of their trip while we focus on everything else. We have a shared commitment to over-deliver for the people we work with every day -- clients, partners, and teammates. What makes us different: Best Available Prices $0 Booking Fees Sign No Contracts and Commit to No Minimums Get 24x7 Customer Service at No Extra Cost Get 3% Cash Back... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Upside's culture is dynamic, inclusive, and ever changing as we bring new members to the team. Our team functions well because each individual contributes to making it engaging and fun.

Our culture was built on three core mantras that we live by: Delight, Crank, and Vibe. Delight: We delight our customers and we delight each other. Crank: We work hard, we work smart. Vibe: We make an effort to work well with one another. Good vibes only.

Our mantras hold us accountable to our company and each other. Our core motto is “Get After It” because we believe in a strong bias for action. We “Get After It” by working hard to create the best product for our customers while also working well with each other. We have a structure for working together called, The Big Ten. The Big Ten essentially are guidelines for how to work best with one another, what to remember when we’re unsure, a reminder to be ourselves, and empowering us to take action and risks with the best intentions.

Our Big Ten consists of the following:
Feedback Loops - we all get better with feedback
Now is Good - NOW is our favorite time to act
Mistakes Happen - mistakes are a natural byproduct of a winning approach
Resilience is the Difference - no one goes through life undefeated
Be an Owner - ownership is responsibility and authority
Transparency - we believe in an open book and strive for clear, simple communication
Speak Up - we speak our minds, especially when it’s uncomfortable
Attitude is a Skill - be the person you were in your interview
Talent Wins - it’s about making an impact
Team First - business is a team sport

We believe in growing, learning, and being the best for ourselves, each other, and the company. Some of the ways that belief is manifeste are
Lunch & Learns: Our lunch and learns consist of Upsiders teaching each other on a business topic, personal passion, or hobby.
Wellness Programs: We invest time and resources in our wellness and overall wellbeing by implementing a quarterly wellness initiative. Our wellness initiative is focused around four themes per quarter - emotional wellness, physical wellness, intellectual wellness, and proactive wellness.
D&I Taskforce: Our Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce is dedicated to making inclusion and representation a key result for the betterment of our company.
Culture Crew Events: Our Culture Crew works hard to check the pulse of our culture and find new and creative ways to keep things fresh, engaging, and exciting.
We have quarterly Team Days where the entire company comes together in learning more in-depth details about the business and participate in team building activities.
Coffee Talk: We participate in monthly “Coffee Talks”, where three Upsiders are randomly grouped together and encouraged to meet for coffee, tea or just walk to get to know one another a bit better.
Weekly Itinerary: Upsiders participate and nominate each other for our program called the Weekly Itinerary, an homage to morning announcements where Upsiders create a video of themselves announcing the events for the week, then end it with nominating the next host.
External Speakers: We bring in fun, engaging external speakers who have taught us tips on how to sleep better, moving our joints properly, and how to spot a liar.
Fun: We enjoy pranking each other, laughing together, and creating the best product for our customers.
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We delight our customers, we delight each other.

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