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A global pioneer in intelligent plumbing and climate solutions, Uponor has proudly led the industry forward for a century, while enriching the lives of millions throughout the world. Our trusted products and project-spanning partnerships build strong businesses while moving water where it needs to go, effortlessly and flawlessly.

We're making a difference in the defining issues of our time: conserving water and energy, supporting the future of skilled labor, and creating healthier places to live and work.
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Connecting people, ideas and skills for a greater customer experience makes our company better.
We are: Inclusive, Transparent, Collaborative


Apple Valley, MN


908 US Employees


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What employees are saying

It gives me the opportunity to improve and grow with the company. We have a very team oriented group that draws on the experiences of each other. The managers are proactive and keep us informed of everything that is going on regionally and nationally. It is a company that values it's employees and it's customers and daily strives to provide the best products and services possibly.

I feel like a genuine part of the team, my boss is a wonderful person who challenges me in all the right ways while supporting and encouraging me, and we're doing good, tangible work.

I can use my natural give gifts, as I am part of my team.

I feel valued within the company and like a family member to my team vs just another team member. My manager has been training me very efficiently and responds to all my questions with grace. I don't feel rushed to learn and she allows me time to grow accustomed to the work I am doing.

Allows me opportunity to grow and be successful

It is challenging and rewarding and allows me to work with multiple people from both regional and national teams.

I have freedom to do something new every day.

I love my job because in these difficult times i have managed to surpass my expectations and my team's expectations. In my team we communicate every day to maintain a high level of service,trust and trust to our customers and teamates.

I am empowered to best serve my customers. My managers make me feel like their job is to assist me and my customers. Very strong culture that promotes competition yet provides proper training and assistance.

I can be who I am as a person, and get accepted for who I am. All my co-workers are great to work with and we are able to have a good time while getting all our work done

I get to work in multiple facilities which really gives me the opportunity to get out and learn more about all of the assets that we are running while also learning the mechanics behind them all. I also have an incredible manager that is extremely smart, available and motivating.

My coworkers great to work with and make the culture with Uponor amazing. Uponor sells a high quality product and I like being a representative of high quality products. I also love the culture with this company and we as employees are treated by all management levels.

I feel appreciated and that my work contributes to a better world.

My opinion and work is valued by leaders and colleagues. And I get the chance to work with great people across different functions; all of whom are committed to making Uponor successful.

I love my job because of the people and culture at Uponor. Generally speaking people are caring, supportive and care about me as a person as much as the work that I do.

I get to teach new operators how to do the job and what the best ways are to do it.

I love my job because it is flexible and inclusive.

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