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United Educators (UE) provides liability insurance and risk management services to almost 1,600 members representing K-12 schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States. With 35 years serving education, we bring deep expertise to our members and focus on delivering an experience that leaves them feeling confident that we understand their needs and offer insights and solutions suited for their unique challenges. Our "Cool Head, Warm Heart" approach to claims resolution permeates everything we do. These sentiments are echoed in our employee culture where we strive to create an experience that leaves constituents feeling Assured, Cared For and Enlightened. Further, our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion enables us to better serve our members and fulfill UE’s mission.... Read more


Since our founding in 1987, our focus has been exclusively on education and finding new ways to meet your insurance coverage needs, manage risk, and efficiently resolve claims.... Read more


UE is the leading risk transfer and risk management partner of choice for educational institutions.... Read more


United Educators helps educational institutions identify, prevent, respond to, and recover from adversity and risks, enabling them to advance their mission.... Read more

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Ask our employees what they like best about our culture and you're likely to hear some of these answers: mission-driven, collaborative, committed, welcoming, and dynamic. It's a place where we care about each other, "I feel supported by my manager", "I feel part of a team working towards a larger effort to serve education", "the day to day work is interesting" and "my colleagues are passionate and inspiring." Yes, these are actual quotes from our staff. And here is one that will make you smile, the "company has a long-term focus and enables employees to do their best." Wow.... Read more


We are knowledgeable and experienced, which makes constituents feel assured when they're working with someone who provides deep knowledge and insight to help them make informed decisions. As an organization we maintain a continuous learning posture, interpreting and sharing what we've seen.


Bethesda, MD


197 US Employees


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Company has a long term focus and enables employees to do their best

Working towards an important mission of education

I fell part of the team working towards larger effort to serve education. I am feel my suggestions are received well and I fell involved.

Great work/life balance, pay, benefits, and people.

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