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Twin Cities Spine Center

For over 70 years, Twin Cities Spine Center has been a leading orthopaedic specialty practice focused exclusively on one incredibly complex area of the body: The Spine
We have 10 Spine Surgeons and 15 Allied Professionals - with 15 locations within the Twin Cities.
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TC Spine strives to have a family-like culture, in which we all contribute to creating and maintaining an atmosphere where teamwork is valued and encouraged.... Read more


TC Spine is a place where new ideas are embraced and where our employees feel respected and supported. We welcome employees with a good sense of humor and those who enjoy fun in the workplace. Our goal is to focus on Community & Connection, Development & Growth, as well as our Facets of Wellbeing.... Read more


Twin Cities Spine Center's mission is to be an international leader in spine surgery by providing optimal patient care, publishing research that advances clinical practice, providing a leading US training program and making lasting contributions to the field of spine surgery.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Safety – Provides for the welfare of our patients and associates through the use of design considerations, environmental protection, emergency services, prevention, policy and procedures, security and training. This standard also ensures our work is performed accurately the first time, every time.

Excellence - In today’s world, “good” just isn’t good enough. We will strive for excellence and enjoy the pride of achievement that comes from our efforts.

Responsibility - We make a difference to TCSC and our performance, behavior and attitude count. We all contribute to the success of TCSC.

Value – To continue to be a great company we must continually strive together to improve our processes, our products, our quality and help our co-workers do their job better. We value creative thoughts and suggestions.

Integrity – We are forthright in all our dealings. We say what needs to be said, not simply what people want to hear. Our customer relations will be open and sincere and built on mutual trust and understanding. We will deliver what we promise.

Compassion – We will be patient and empathetic when we listen to the suffering of someone else; we will work hard to put our patients, customers and vendors first.

Efficiency – We will provide a smooth and effective process throughout all of TCSC encompassing all our facilities, systems and associates.
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TC Spine's Core Values are centered on a Service Theme and the foundation of TC Spine's business, representing our ideals, principles, and philosophy. TC Spine's values define the soul of our organization.

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