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TTX Company is North America’s leading provider of railcars and related freight car management services to the North American rail industry. Our pool of railcars – over 200,000 cars strong - is ideal for supporting shippers in the intermodal, automotive, paper & forest, metals, machinery, wind energy, and other commodity groups where flatcars, boxcars, and gondolas are required.

TTX is owned by North America’s leading railroads, providing a pool of railcars allowing railroads to conserve their capital for other critical infrastructure needs. More important, however, TTX railcars free-run among railroads providing a fungible asset that minimizes total empty miles, further lowering costs and minimizing risk for the industry. Customers easily recognize TTX’s bright yellow cars as a consistent, high quality, well-maintained fleet that serves many transportation needs.
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We carefully track and analyze North American logistics trends to anticipate long-term rail transportation needs, and support railroad shippers' growth and success with appropriately sized, reliable railcar fleets. ... Read more


Every day we partner with North America’s railroads in support of their business by providing an efficient pool of railcars where loadings are maximized and empty miles are minimized across the North American rail network.... Read more


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Every decision we make balances the needs of the customers, the industry and TTX.


Chicago, IL


1,816 US Employees


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