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Trisura Specialty Insurance

Trisura Insurance Company (TIC) is a US based specialty insurance carrier, admitted currently in 49 states, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We are rated A- (excellent) by AM Best with a Financial Size Category of IX. TIC has two subsidiaries, Trisura Specialty Insurance Company and Bricktown Specialty Insurance Company, who are approved to write excess and surplus lines in all states.... Read more


Trisura Specialty Insurance Company (TSIC) has established a Business to play an important role within the insurance industry. We have defined a clear and effective mission statement/aim and Business Process to achieve this and have created a company culture around this process where the company, its people and its partners can flourish and excel. TSIC further embraces 8 characteristics for creating success and Dr. Edwards Deming’s 7 principles of leadership. We are committed to these principles in our relationships with employees, business partners and customers. Universal agreement with these principles and an understanding of our business process is essential for our prosperity and longevity.... Read more


At Trisura Specialty we believe individuals working together in a “system” with achievable and understood aims with passion and creativity produce the best outcomes for the individuals and the company.... Read more


“To build a profitable insurance business by using Trisura Specialty Insurance Company as a conduit between professional program managers and reinsurers who take a long-term profit-driven approach to the business of insurance. We intend to work with honorable, ethical and best in class Program Managers, Claims TPA’s and Reinsurers’ who have a shared interest in entering into Win/Win contracts in order to achieve long term success with Trisura Specialty Insurance Company and its insured’s.”... Read more

Additional Culture Details

TSIC Characteristics for Creating Success:
1)    Only enter into Win/Win relationships and contracts. If it’s not Win/Win it’s not worth pursuing. “Winning is everything, but only if everybody wins.”
2)    Cooperation. We want to “cooperate within and compete without”. Cooperation is the essence to building a winning “TEAM.”
3)    Intrinsically Motivated EE’s. Do your job because you want to and not because “you have to.”
4)    Leadership. Frequently review the 7 traits of a leader. a Leader is someone who listens, coaches, counsels, and gives feedback that is constructive to getting the most out of the team. People follow “leaders”
5)    Knowledge. You are empowered to learn as much as you can about our business, our industry, your area of expertise, and to share that knowledge with your teammates and anyone willing to listen. Remember that knowledge is not information, but instead is “understanding.”
6)    Work for continuous improvement of our processes, our “system”. The better our processes are, the better we are.
7)    Initiative and empowerment. Don’t be scared to ask questions, improve our processes, bring up ideas, and educate yourself. The better you are, the better we are.
8)    Improve Your Self-Esteem. The benefits that come from feeling good everyday about the job you do, will improve your life, and the lives of those you interact with every day . Your improved self-esteem gives you purpose, and mastery which will lead to a greater bottom line for you and the company.
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Oklahoma City, OK


96 US Employees


Specialty Insurance

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