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Started in 2003 with 5 original team members, TopSpot has grown into the largest independent search marketing agency in Houston, Texas. With over 100 team members in Houston and 15 sales representatives across the United States, TopSpot’s passion and purpose is in helping businesses our clients’ businesses grow. Our Team partners with over 800 customers of all sizes and many industries, developing develop customized digital strategies that deliver pre-qualified traffic, increase online & offline leads that result in sales growth. Our service offering includes pay per click advertising, SEO, conversion optimization, analytics, website design & development, and email marketing.

At TopSpot, we help our clients grow their businesses by increasing their online leads and sales. We have a vision of TopSpot becoming more than a digital marketing agency, but an extension of our customers and their businesses. It’s our goal to make them feel confident, see the value in working with us, and be engaged with us as a trusted partner.
At TopSpot we surround ourselves by individuals that will complement not only our Team but our clients' companies. Setting an example daily, taking a humble approach and building long term relationships is who we are. We love this industry and what we do. We know if we don't see this in our work, they won't realize they're working with a Team that is genuinely interested in succeeding and helping them succeed.
TopSpot is a search engine marketing firm with a focus on accountability, transparency, collaboration, education and delivering meaningful results for our clients.

Our commitment to our customers starts with our Team. We will always strive to hire extraordinary people who will bring the passion, confidence, eagerness to learn and positive attitude that is necessary to set us apart from other companies. Customer loyalty is hard to find but it is crucial to the sustainable growth of our company and we will never undervalue the opportunity of gaining and retaining a customer.
Additional Culture Details
TopSpotters were offered the following training & development initiatives throughout 2019:

Data Fridays - Once a month, a team member will go over how they are looking at data to improve strategy and performance for our clients while also providing team members the opportunity to develop presentation and thought leadership skills. This training is optional and open to all departments.

Certifications - TopSpot developed certifications to improve and develop knowledge in specialized areas of digital marketing. Currently, 2 local specific certifications, with search landscape and usability certifications planned for 2019.

Cross Department Training - At a certain point in their TopSpot careers, Team Members will require cross department trainings in order to grow into new roles. An SEO Specialist, for example, would need to have passed the basic Paid Search Trainings prior to overseeing a moving into a management role where they’d be working with both kinds of specialists. This learning style also supports our Customer Relationship Model and focus on providing clients with an Integrated Approach.

Mentorship Program - The mentorship program at TopSpot is an opportunity for team members to build relationships to intentionally learn from each other’s successes, failures, challenges, and perspectives. Learning is engrained in our culture, and we believe in the value and impact of mentors and learners regularly meeting in one-on-ones to discuss goals and experiences in ways that align with our core values. The mentorship program provides learners with an added opportunity to grow their knowledge, confidence, and as a result, happiness in their role. Senior leaders who participate as mentors will gain new perspective and insights as a result of their mentoring relationships and grow their leadership and development skills in the process. This program will help us stay true to our core values as well as offer team members an avenue to be proactive in their growth as leaders at TopSpot. The goals of this program are to grow the knowledge, confidence, and overall engagement of all participating team members, as well as retain our team and grow new leaders.

Lunch & Learns & Breakfast Meetings - Once a month, reoccurring opportunities to learn are held such as Lunch & Learns and Breakfast Meetings, which are both run by TopSpot’s President and VP of Operations. Monthly breakfast meetings include updates on business goals, progress, team tenure & anniversaries. Lunch & Learns provide an open floor to ask upper management any questions they have for them. Questions typically range from advice on day to day work tasks to big-picture questions focused on the direction of the business.
Strive each day to make yourself and people around you better by leading by example.
We will always treat our customers and our team members with respect.
We will always hire the person who is the right fit for our team, who will have a positive impact on our culture.
Growth is not just revenue. It is in our processes, our approach, our mindset and in our people.
Our people are what sets us apart. The decisions we make in sales, processes, hiring, and our future will impact our team & clients.
Relationships are and will continue to be the foundation for our company.
It is important to be confident, but more important not to be arrogant.
Houston, TX
118 US Employees
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