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Time Investment Company is a third party or indirect consumer lending organization primarily serving the Home
Improvement and Water purification industries. Consumers enter into financing agreements with local dealers to
purchase specific products and services. Time Investment Company purchases those agreements from the dealer
and collects the principal balance, including interest, from the consumer. The dealers are more comfortable with
this arrangement because we pay them directly rather than trying to collect monies from the consumer. While
Time Investment Company has one corporate location in West Bend, Wisconsin we are licensed and registered to
do business throughout all 50 states within the US. Using online digital technology, auto decision-making and a
well-trained underwriting team we commence business 7 days a week approving consumer retail installment
The growth of the company is dependent on the number of qualified dealers and industries we service. Our core
purpose is “Relationship Building”. In most cases the dealers are very dependent on the availability of financing
options since most of their sales are consummated through payment options. This gives them the flexibility to
market larger packages that do benefit the consumer. The trust and flexibility with their financing partners are
critical to their success.
What differentiates Time Investment Company from our competitors is the combination of service,
communications, and technology. Most of our competitors are larger and heavily dependent on technology. They
have lost a bit of the “Old School” way of doing business. We strive to work with our dealers to help them find
ways to close sales within multiple credit tiers. We have an established and knowledgeable Concierge team that
works very closely with each dealer to make sure all their applications are being reviewed and look for ways to
improve their overall approval rate. This provides confidence and cash flow for our dealers.
Time Investment Company is really a unique finance company within a very competitive marketplace. We have
been able to achieve greater success because of the people we hire. We seek individuals that want to come to
work engaged and ready to find ways to improve all aspects of the company. We look for people to use their
imagination and creativity to differentiate us from our competition. The most important reason Time Investment
Company has enjoyed success is because everyone within the company understands the mission. We believe in
strong relationships between ourselves, our vendors, investors, and our business partners.
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Service – Relationships Matter Most
We build lasting relationships by demonstrating the value of doing business with TIC. We are friendly, positive and have the desire to help all our customers who are defined as our Co-workers, Dealers, Consumers, and Vendors, with their needs.


West Bend, WI


67 US Employees


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