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Progressive Overview

At Progressive, our diverse group of 40,000+ are from all walks of life, many fields of business and all 50 states. We live and breathe our core values-- and believe that how we achieve something is just as important as what we achieve. We know that cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and flexible work environment is critical to our achievements.

We encourage everyone to bring their entire self to work. We value people for who they are, the ideas they bring, and the energy they invest.

Progressive is the third largest auto insurer in the country; a leading seller of motorcycle and commercial auto insurance; and through ASI, one of the top 15 homeowners insurance carriers.

We revere honesty. We adhere to high ethical standards, provide timely, accurate and complete financial reporting, encourage disclosing bad news, and welcome disagreement.
Golden Rules
We respect all people, value the differences among them and deal with them in the way they want to be dealt with. This requires us to know ourselves and to try to understand others.
We strive to communicate clearly Progressive’s ambitious objectives and our people’s personal and team objectives. We evaluate performance against all these objectives.
agents, shareholders, and people. We teach and encourage our people to improve performance and to reduce the cost of what they do for customers. We base their rewards on results and promotion on ability.
We seek to earn a profit by offering consumers products and services they want. Profit is how the free-enterprise system motivates investment and rewards companies that constantly create value.
Mayfield Village
42,912 US Employees

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