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Earle specializes in constructing and rehabilitating the region’s public and private infrastructure systems.

With expertise in all forms of heavy civil construction work including site work, bridge construction, grading, milling, paving, concrete flatwork, concrete paving, and underground drainage and utilities, we have the diverse experience to self-perform any size project.

With a firm emphasis on project control, we perform almost every aspect of every project in-house. This level of project control is rare within the industry and is the primary driver to project success and quality. Our teams are coupled with cutting-edge equipment and technology systems, which enables us to roll onto a project, hit it hard, and finish well within an aggressive schedule.
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For over 50 years, Earle has been serving the region’s heavy civil construction needs. Earle specializes in public and private contracting, including heavy highway construction, milling, paving, underground utilities, and site work along with manufacturing, recycling, and transportation of construction-related materials.... Read more


Built on a culture of pride, we are committed to being an industry-leading family business, delivering quality products and services at the greatest value for our customers through innovation, organization, and hard work.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

The safety and well being of our family of employees is our single highest priority. Our Safety policies are led by a 30+ year veteran of Earle who reports directly to an Earle President. Our culture of safety is one where employees are cross-trained on proper safety procedures and are encouraged to police their peers and intervene immediately when the safety of anyone is put at risk. As a result we have enjoyed a safety record that leads the industry in preventable accidents and lost time.... Read more


Since the beginning in 1968, under the direction and leadership of Walter R. Earle, and now under the second generation of Earles, the company continues to lead the industry while upholding its core values.


Wall, NJ


373 US Employees


Heavy Construction & Civil Engineering

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