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Serving our Clients: Campbell Global (“CG”) brings over three decades of experience to sustainable timberland and natural resource investment management. As a full-service firm, we acquire and manage timberland for investors, while seeking to provide the highest quality service, expert management and transparency throughout the investment lifecycle. CG currently manages approximately 1.7 million acres worldwide.

Connecting our People: CG works to offer an exceptional work culture and experience. Fundamental to this is ensuring strong connections with and between our employees. To that end, it is essential that our corporate and field employees are cohesive parts of a whole. Corporate employees and HR travel regularly to field offices across the country to build relationships, communicate with, train and support all employees. Annual regional meetings offer professional development, teambuilding and bonding activities.
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Campbell Global offers clients complete and fully integrated timberland and natural resource investment management services. Since our founding in 1981, our expertise and progressive approach have helped clients enhance their portfolios with the strong performance and unique growth attributes of timberland and other natural resources.... Read more


Our Vision: Stewards of the forest – managing for quality, value, and growth
•    Steward — A fiduciary who manages life and property with proper regard for the rights of others. As stewards, we establish, nurture, grow, and protect our clients’ investment — the forest.
•    Forest — A tree-based ecosystem. The investment is the complete and diverse community of interrelated natural resources.
•    Manage — To skillfully achieve one’s purpose. We actively balance the optimal value of the forests’ resources for our clients with environmental considerations and planning for future generations. We utilize effective portfolio strategies, innovative forestry practices, and responsive client service to achieve the proper balance.
•    Quality — Excellence. Quality implies continuous improvement of all aspects of our work. It is the foundation of our program, rooted in our people, our systems, our service, and our investment assets. It is supported by our shared values, goals, and mission.
•    Value — Worth and importance. We continually optimize the benefits of the forests for our clients, our communities, and ourselves.
•    Growth — An increase in size and matter. Enhancing the long-term productivity of our forests by increasing our asset base, client satisfaction, and the professional growth of our employees.
•    Our Mission — Be the preferred provider of timberland investment and management services for investors.
•    Our Belief — We believe employees are our major resource. In addition, timberland is an important component of a diversified portfolio and can provide increased returns without increased risk; our acquisition expertise captures strategic asset value on behalf of our clients; and our business approach to managing the asset ensures exemplary stewardship and overall profitability.
•    Our Focus — To provide service which exceeds the standards within the industry and exceeds the expectations of our clients. We provide a challenging work environment with a genuine commitment to employee growth, development, and recognition.
•    Teambuilding — Campbell Global’s success depends on effective teamwork among employees with each individual being willing to perform any task, at any time, in the spirit of assisting or completing a project effectively, efficiently, and on time.

A Team is defined as “a group of people with complementary skills committed to a common goal or purpose.” At Campbell Global, this philosophy is implemented on a daily basis. While each person is recognized for his/her individual talents, Campbell Global’s overall success requires a total team effort. Teambuilding is an integral part of the work environment at Campbell Global.

Our commitment to these basic philosophies has been the foundation of our success and will carry on into the future.
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Campbell Global’s Mission: Be the preferred provider of timberland investment management services.
•    Provide our clients with quality service and management of their timberlands – in every way exceed expectations.
•    Provide each employee a challenging work environment, a sense of belonging, and the empowerment to make decisions.
•    Generate superior returns and create value for our clients in a responsible way.
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Additional Culture Details

At Campbell Global, we believe wholeheartedly in providing equal opportunity in employment, without regard to any individual’s ethnicity, race, religion or creed, gender, or any other point of personal status or identity. We are committed to providing an environment of respect, and we prohibit any form of discrimination or harassment. We value diversity and seek to create an inclusive environment for all employees.

Our company shared values include quality, service, integrity, growth and fun. We seek team members who:

•    Value people and prioritize developing strong working relationships
•    Have a personal commitment to respect everyone, regardless of differences in appearance, background, preferences, opinions and beliefs
•    Understand the value of others’ differences in appearance, background, preferences, opinions and beliefs
•    Practice personal accountability
•    Are willing to fully engage in their job, the organization, working relationships and company culture
•    Go out of their way to include others in work, information sharing, activities and socializing

Operating Principles: CG’s operating principles belong to all of us. We will achieve our vision through a unified, cohesive team approach that capitalizes on the combined strengths of all of our employees.
The following underlying principles clearly define the intent of our mission statement and enable us to remain the preeminent provider of timber investment management services:
•    To hold client interests first and foremost.
•    To work closely with clients to understand their needs and meet or exceed their goals.
•    To instill in all employees a sense of ethics, environmental stewardship, integrity, and fiduciary responsibility.
•    To foster a culture of compliance and adherence to all policies and internal controls.
•    To operate in a disciplined manner with clearly defined goals and objectives while retaining the flexibility to respond to market opportunities and client needs.
•    To employ a participative, additive approach to the timber investment management business that capitalizes on individual strengths and team dynamics.
•    To ensure efficiency and accountability by clearly defining and communicating the roles and responsibilities of each team member.
•    To create and maintain a positive and enjoyable work environment that is conducive to innovation, a sense of professional accomplishment, and personal satisfaction.
•    To cultivate an inclusive culture that recognizes and embraces the value in diversity.
•    To demonstrate effective communications throughout the organization by sharing information and ideas to achieve client and organizational goals.
•    To operate our timber investment management business to ensure financial viability as an organization and to provide financial rewards to individuals.
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We are honest, fair, and straightforward with our clients and employees. We genuinely care about our employees, their families, and our clients. We have earned and are proud of their loyalty.


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151 US Employees


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