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Telos Corporation empowers and protects the world’s most security-conscious organizations with solutions and services for cybersecurity to protect information and IT systems; cloud security to enable working in the cloud with confidence; and enterprise security to support the tactical and strategic goals of today’s organizations. Thirty years ago, Telos was restructured to focus on cybersecurity, and in 2011 Telos anticipated the now government-wide cloud first policy.

Key focus areas for Telos include its core technologies – Telos Ghost and Xacta. Announced last year, Telos Ghost is a virtual obfuscation network and is built on the premise that you can’t exploit what you can’t see. Providing security and privacy through obfuscation and encryption, the cloud-based network has various use cases including incident response, pen testing, supply chain risk analysis, OSINT research, private document transfer and more.

Xacta, on the other hand, just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Released in 2000, it revolutionized security compliance for government agencies by automating processes and reporting. Xacta was the first product of its kind and is even recognized by industry analysts as the catalyst for the IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) industry. Each iteration of the solution has successfully anticipated evolving customer requirements.
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Telos recognizes that superior solutions begin and end with the customer, and strives to go beyond the business need to envision the customer’s mission to exceed expectations. CEO and Chairman John Wood’s vision for Telos is clearly captured in the company’s core values. Always with integrity, Telos builds trusted relationships, works hard together, designs and delivers superior solutions and has fun doing it.

Key to Telos’ value to its commercial and government customers has been a commitment to efficiency. Where many focus on a time-and-materials business model to maximize profit, Telos emphasizes automation and efficiency to optimize value. Much of the company’s business is delivered on a firm-fixed-price basis. These two themes – security and efficiency through automation – will continue to inform Telos’ strategy and growth.
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Additional Culture Details

Telos CEO John Wood strives to foster a family atmosphere at Telos. With core values of integrity, building trusted relationships, working hard together, designing and delivering superior solutions, and yes, having fun, he and the leadership team have created an environment that encourages commitment and success each and every day. John is fond of saying to new and prospective employees, “If you work one year at Telos, you’ll stay for ten. Just ask…” and then he’ll turn to the long-time employee close by for a nod. Employees stick with Telos for one, two, and for some over three decades, because they find satisfaction and fulfilment in satisfying our nation’s critical cyber challenges while enjoying the benefits of being a part of the Telos family.... Read more


Integrity is the baseline upon which our core values are built. Integrity is a fundamental, non-negotiable requirement of employment, and an expectation of suppliers, partners, and customers, both internal and external. An essential aspect of our brand promise is that we always engage with integrity.

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