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TechMD Overview

TechMD is an award-winning IT solutions firm that specializes in cloud solutions, cybersecurity services, strategic consulting, and managed services. We are passionate about unleashing the awesome potential in our clients, by bringing enterprise-level productivity, scalability, and security to small and medium businesses.

Unleash the awesome potential in others
Drive reactive IT to near extinction for 25,000 raving fans by 2030
Our mission is to revolutionize the way our partners leverage technology and empower them with the best strategy to fulfill their goals, all while lifting their spirits through friendly and thoughtful interactions.
Additional Culture Details
At TechMD, we believe that an effective company is built on empowering people to be leaders, providing opportunities for personal growth, and fostering a hard-working but fun-loving environment. Our environment encourages high performers who are self-driven and practice the philosophy of "work hard, play hard”. And thanks to our open-book practice, our team has a stake in our outcomes and a voice in shaping the future of our company.
Investing in Others
We invest in our clients, our employees, and our business in a way that leads to personal growth, professional growth, and growth for our community. This means taking the time to understand each client’s business, to build a relationship with them, and to maximize their potential for growth and success. For our employees, this means creating an environment that encourages personal growth, mentoring, and teamwork. And for our community, this means giving back to the causes that touch our hearts with our expertise and resources, so that others can benefit from the blessings we have received.
Doing IT right and doing IT better
We strive to meet and exceed not only our clients’ expectations but also our own. Our company culture empowers our team to be proactive and look for ways to improve each and every day. We do not settle for mediocrity—instead we measure our success by the positive impact we have on our clients, our team, and our community. We are not perfect, but we learn from our experiences and work not just to “do IT” but to “do IT right”.
Staying Postive and having fun!
Although very rewarding, it can be extremely stressful keeping our clients’ technology up to our high standards, so we want to make sure that our team enjoys themselves as well. Whether it’s computer games at lunch, the occasional Nerf battle, or just hanging out together, we encourage our employees to enjoy their time at the office. We hire people who know how to take their work seriously without taking themselves too seriously. This makes TechMD a better place to work, and a better company to work with.
Santa Ana, CA
53 US Employees
Managed Services & Outsourcing


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