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TDC Companies (TDC Companies, Inc., TDC Life, Inc., and TDC Investment Advisory) is a group of multi-dimensional wealth and risk management firms in business to serve successful individuals, their families, and their businesses. Our clients include business owners, their businesses, and high-profile executives, as well as athletes and entertainers often requiring complex wealth and risk management solutions.

At TDC, we like to think we help our clients fulfill their long-term vision, their perfect world. While striving to help our clients get to their desired finish line is something we cherish, our purpose as a firm goes much deeper. Ironically, this purpose has little to do with the advice we provide. For us, this purpose is the reason we get out of bed in the morning and look forward to coming to work each and every day. That purpose is to help families, and it’s directly connected to everything we do.
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Helping Families Be Families - Stronger, Closer, and Wiser... Read more


Help clients align their wealth with their goals and values so their wealth will endure transitions and generations.... Read more


We strive to help families better understand what their wealth is really for, align their wealth with their long-term goals and values, connect how their wealth can contribute meaning, purpose, and happiness to their lives, maintain and grow their wealth together for generations to come and keep Thanksgiving about Thanksgiving... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At TDC, we live each day with purpose and passion through our four value tents. These four tents help to simply define what it means to be a successful TDC colleague.
1. Care - you must care about your work, your colleagues and the clients you serve.
2. Be technically proficient - you must be educated in your particular role and show a drive to continue to improve.
3. Do what you say you are going to do - you must be trustworthy and dependable.
4. Be a selfless teammate - you must continuously strive to help your teammates in their tasks so the whole team wins.

At TDC we...
- have each other's backs
- work hard
- have fun
- push each other
- bring purpose and passion to the office every day
- grow together
- are surrounded by great people
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Our commitment to our clients is to provide them with sound, honest advice striving to help them achieve their life goals. We are committed to making recommendations that align with the client’s best interests even if that means referring a potential client to another firm.


Maumee, OH


65 US Employees


Financial Services & Insurance - Other

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