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Our mission at TallGrass Spa is to Awe and Inspire! This mission, plus our 10 core values, actively define our culture, our brand and our business. They are reflected in everything we do, including how we interact with each other, our guests, and the world. We commit to exceptional benefits that enhnace the well-being and work-life balance for all our team members, and foster meaningful connections between team members and guests. We are like family! We strive to give back to our community and the world through the products we choose, the choices we make, and the messages we share.

Our Value Statements:
We commit to awe inspiring service
We are proud of and believe in TallGrass
We act wtih integrity and responsibility
We strive for positive and enthusiastic team spirit
We communicate honestly and in a professional manner
We manintain balance and flexibility
We care for the environment
We pursue growth and learining
We strive to give back to the world
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To provide outstanding healing spa services to our community and beyond through the use of earth-friendly, sustainable products, given by the most compassionate and skilled service providers in the industry, in a one of a kind, warm and welcoming natural setting.... Read more


To nurture a thriving, gratitude based company culture, that gives extraordinary services while doing everything in our power to give back to each other, our guests and the world.... Read more


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Additional Culture Details

Since opening the spa in 1999, owner Gail Sharp has inspired an atmosphere in which every member of the staff is supported, empowered and respected. This allows them to put their energy and focus into doing their best work, creating a positive experience for each guest.

That support takes many forms including schedule flexibility, work-life balance, opportunities for continuing education, creative strategy sessions, kudos and praise, and activities that promote bonding among all levels of the staff, including management. For example, the bi-monthly staff meeting is called the “All Staff Celebration.” The departments take turns hosting the meeting, which entails preparing a lavish continental breakfast and organizing a theme such as crazy hats or a white elephant gift exchange. Outstanding team members are recognized with Spa Babe, Hot Stuff and Above and Beyond awards.

“Our culture draws together like-minded people with a variety of talents, skills and experiences to share,” said Spa Director Melissa Rackliff. But, it goes much further than that. “One of my favorite parts of my job is brainstorming with my team. Each team member has something inspiring to offer. That’s what makes this place exceptional.”

Working in a spa can be physically and emotionally demanding, so it’s a plus to have the support of a team when the job - or life outside - gets stressful. “In some spas, departments are segregated and competitive. Here we are very cohesive. We always do our best to put our guests first,” said Mary Louise Deloy, who’s been at TallGrass for five years. She explained that she recently had a baby and was able to work at the front desk so that late in her pregnancy she could have a break from the physical nature of her job as a massage therapist. “Gail and Mel work really hard for us to feel valued as employees and people. It’s why so many of us have been here so long. This work is a marathon, not a sprint. Having time for self-care and continuing education keeps us motivated and fresh,” she added.

The company’s mission is simply “to awe and inspire,” and the staff takes that to heart. “All I have to do is be exceptional at my craft and customer service,” said Mary Louise. She can do that because she knows everything else is handled. “If something does come up, I have people here to go to.”
~ Excerpt from Serenity Magazine Article; Amy Born, May, 2018 ~
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OUr Value Staements
Commit to Awe Inspiring Service,
Be Proud of and Believe in TallGrass,
Act with Integrity and Responsibility,
Strive for Positive and Enthusiastic Team Spirit,
Communicate Honestly in a Professional Manner,
Maintain Balance and Flexibility,
Practice Gratitude and Respect,
Care for the Environment,
Pursue Growth and Learning,
Strive to Give Back to the World.


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