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Supreme Orthopedic Systems distributes orthopedic devices manufactured by Arthrex throughout the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas. Arthrex is a leader in product and technique innovation, always striving to provide the highest standard of care to our ultimate customers, the patients. Our sales force works directly with orthopedic surgeons, healthcare practitioners, and healthcare administrators to help assess the needs of each patient as well as the facility as a whole in order to provide the best solution for all parties. We then back up those products with our commitment to high-quality product training for our customers and ongoing customer support and service.... Read more


Our Purpose is to provide the highest quality orthopedic products, education, and service to our surgeon customers in order to help them provide the highest possible standard of care to their patients.... Read more


Our Vision is to be the sole source of solutions to equip orthopedic and trauma operating rooms, while also expanding our reach into other spheres of medicine as Arthrex’s product line continues to expand. We also strive to continue to increase our impact by helping as many patients as possible within our regional geography.... Read more


Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better™ - this is Arthrex’s mission statement and therefore ours as well. What this means to us is three-fold:
1. Innovation: developing new products and procedures that continue to improve the standard of patient care. This includes design considerations that lead to reduced recovery time after surgery, as well as maximum return of function to the injured joint or extremity.
2. Education: keeping our surgeons up to date on the latest and greatest technology we can provide, and educating them on the safe and effective use of those products.
3. Representation: our highly trained team of representatives in the field provide the ultimate level of service and support to our surgeons in using these products in their practice.
... Read more

Additional Culture Details

More than a job, what we do is our passion, and more than coworkers, our team is a family. We are a team of people dedicated to one goal (our mission), and everything we do is in pursuance of that goal. We ask our employees to give their best to their work every day, and in return we strive to always give them our best by regularly evaluating our employee satisfaction and making necessary changes in order to improve it. We put a strong emphasis on career growth, providing an abundance of training and development opportunities to our sales team and allowing them to drive the trajectory of their career.... Read more


One Team, One Supreme
This mindset is at the heart of everything we do. While we have a lot of different people playing different roles throughout the company, ultimately we are one team working together toward the same goal, which is our mission of Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better. This group effort gives us the greatest chance of success to achieve that goal. We know that no one can be successful unless everyone is, and as an organization we have achieved the most success when all teams and departments are working together. Not only do we need to work together, but we need to do it well, which means good communication is critical and something we put a significant emphasis on.

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