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St. Joseph Home

St. Joseph Home creates a home for adults and children with developmental disabilities who have complex support needs and use a wheelchair for mobility. The Home, a non-profit ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, offers a creative, loving environment for those in the residential, respite programs, and day programs. Attention to the individual’s medical, social, educational and spiritual development reveals the unique giftedness of each person. Compassionate care and respect for the dignity of life are the hallmarks of St. Joseph Home.... Read more


SJH offers a creative, loving environment in residential, respite programs, and day programs. ... Read more


SJH serves individuals with developmental disabilities, maximizing their potential. ... Read more


SJH creates a home for people with disabilities who have complex needs and use a wheelchair for mobility. ... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Sustained by our roots with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, St. Joseph Home responds to the call to serve those in need. We, together with others in service, seek to make the world more just and loving. We do so by employing the mission of the Sisters to act justly, to build loving relationships, to share our resources with those in need, and to care for all creation. St. Joseph Home interprets this by creating a fellowship of equals in our workforce, making sure all are cared for as children of God. We seek truth and justice and build compassionate coalitions. We offer a counter cultural voice to the larger conversation and plant seeds for the beloved community.

Neither the Board nor the CEO stands alone leading St. Joseph Home. Here we practice Servant Leadership as taught by Robert Greenleaf. Together all staff have a share in the ownership of both success and failure, and most importantly ownership of the future of St. Joseph Home. Each team member is unique and respected. United under one mission, members are empowered to lead and serve. At any given time, any given person in any given role may be the most important and authentic representative of St. Joseph Home to another. St. Joseph Home counts on such leaders in all roles, for to lead is to serve.

The St. Joseph Home Community is multigenerational, heirs to the love and commitment of generations before and builders and ground layers for future ones. Not defined by geography or status, the St. Joseph Home Community braids together families, neighborhoods, staff, individuals with care needs, donors, volunteers, legislators and more – all who seek to foster genuine relationships. Each day community can be felt and seen through the culture and spirit at St. Joseph Home. In the tradition of Jean Vanier and L’Arche, all are welcome to join us as we move forward together – interdependent – and better because of it.

St. Joseph Home exercises great care and mindfulness in guaranteeing a safe, loving, engaged atmosphere for all. Whether you are receiving care from St. Joseph Home or on staff or volunteering – no matter your role, you are valued and can rely on St. Joseph Home for support. As John McGee noted, we all need to experience an environment where we feel safe and loved; where we can trust; and where we can engage in valued relationships. The care St. Joseph Home gives to each person goes beyond the physical and professional – and enters into a sense of gentle presence where all can thrive.
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Heritage based on the Sisters of Charity
We use a lens of justice; are called to serve; we create a fellowship of equals.


Cincinnati, OH


230 US Employees


Behavioral & Mental Health

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