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The core values of Spyderco are centered around a single phrase: “Integrity is being good, even if no one is watching.” From the highest levels of management to an employee on their first day, this sets the standard to conduct business in an honest, fair and proper manner.

What started as a family-run business in the back of a bread truck has evolved to become one of the worldwide leaders in the cutlery industry. Spyderco has countless innovations and accolades to their name, but the company never loses sight of how they reached this level. The genuine respect given in relationships with factories, retailers, employees and customers is truly what sets the company apart from the rest.
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Spyderco pioneered the modern folding knife, introducing now-common features like the pocket clip, serrated edge and one-handed opening capability. Those innovations revolutionized the pocketknife and changed the knife industry forever. Today, that creative spirit and an uncompromising commitment to quality are still the heart of Spyderco's distinctive product line, which includes a full range of folding knives, fixed-blades, sharpeners and other accessories produced in 5 different countries, including our facility in Golden, CO USA. Those who know carry Spyderco.... Read more


Spyderco proudly sets the standard in cutlery and other markets by delivering innovative, reliable high performance products. We always extend our best effort to conduct business in an honest, fair and proper manner. Our success is measured by earning money and having fun.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

The company culture at Spyderco routinely demonstrates and celebrates the successes of its employees, acknowledging that they wouldn’t be where they are without the collective hard work.

A new employee of the month is recognized at each staff meeting. Instead of simply sending out an email, an etched mirror is placed in the hallway as a way for accomplishments to live on for years to come. To recognize loyalty, a golden bug lapel pin is awarded after three years of service. The pin won’t just be waiting in a mailbox though. The entire staff is gathered in the atrium to honor and applaud the milestone.

During breaks you’ll find employees gathering to play basketball or four square. Even outside the office, employees are quick to offer support. The Spyderco kickball team often has spectators who haven’t come to play, but to cheer others on. Whether it’s lending a truck to help with a big move, or someone to watch a dog during a vacation, the Spyderco crew always has each other’s back.
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Golden, CO


150 US Employees


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