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Phelps United, through its Sourcing division, is the channel-centric solution for discontinued and end-of-life products. The team leverages its many years of experience in sourcing, authenticating, testing and refurbishing discontinued products to provide the best solutions to increase the utility of legacy hardware systems.... Read more


Phelps United Sourcing's purpose is to enable “eXtension of Life” for customers who value the consistency of the hardware solutions that are already working in their environments and don’t see the immediate need to upgrade to next generation models.... Read more


Phelps United Sourcing's mission is to be the trusted alternative to managing the complexity and expense associated with the ever changing lifecycles of IT products.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At Phelps United:
- We focus on having a growth mindset; encourage big ideas and reward thought leaders.
- We reduce internal politics; focus on doing what’s right versus who’s right
- We have backbone, disagree, discuss, commit and execute – the Amazon way. We recognize it’s OK to fail fast and move on; we are not afraid of mistakes if our strategy, information and planning sound – also the Amazon way.
- We trade only on good information; have a strong BS detector; don’t pass on bad info. We train, trust and empower our people to “use good judgment” and “act like an owner”.
- We are problem solvers – suggest solutions to problems we identify and implement them quickly. We create and hold people accountable. We don't make excuses – we get it done and always have a backup plan to make sure it gets done. There is no staying in your lane – we are all team players who help each other and are cross-trained and find opportunities for one another.
- We have a positive and grateful attitude – gratitude is the difference in attitude that contributes to happiness and success more than anything.
- We focus on Phelps first – a rising tide lifts all boats and you will succeed as the company succeeds; teamwork makes the dream work. We develop strong internal bonds and keep the Phelps family strong!
... Read more


S - Scalable
We Invent and Simplify


Anaheim, CA


58 US Employees


Information Technology - Other

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