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SofterWare's mission is to create and support products and services that reduce work for our clients by being delightfully easy to use, reliable, and affordable. We are dedicated to always providing quality, value, innovation, and complete customer satisfaction through outstanding products and services. Our flagship product, DonorPerfect, is a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) application used by over 50,000 nonprofit professionals worldwide.... Read more


We view ourselves as a key technology partner to help nonprofit organizations raise more money and have a greater impact. In terms of a more internal focus, we strive to provide opportunities and long-term employment for all of our staff members that contribute to the company's success..... Read more


SofterWare was founded in 1981, right when PC computing became more accessible and viable for many smaller businesses. While the specific details of our objectives and vision have evolved over the 40+ years since then, in order to stay current in the ever-changing world of technology, the basics have not: The foundation of SofterWare's success lies in always focusing on the needs of our clients and determining the best way technology can address those needs. Additionally, we have always viewed customer service as a way to add exceptional value for our clients, as opposed to simply viewing it as a necessary cost of doing business, as some other companies do. It is also worth noting that SofterWare has always been employee-owned and will remain so, with no outside investors. This allows our vision to be focused on what's in the best interests of our clients and the long-term growth of SofterWare, as opposed to putting the needs of outside investors first.... Read more


SofterWare's mission is to create and support products and services that reduce work for our clients by being delightfully easy to use, reliable, and affordable.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Many of our staff are highly motivated by the fact that our clients are nonprofits - we're not just building applications to help other businesses increase their profit margins - we're helping incredible organizations make the world a better place. And the focus our team places on helping our clients succeed is matched by their desire to assist each other in ensuring our clients get our very best every day. Teamwork and strong working relationships, along with having some fun and a good sense of humor, are very much embedded in our culture. The average tenure of SofterWare's employees is over 8 years and our employee retention rate is currently over 95%.... Read more


Integrity without Compromise
We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards in all we say and do. Our actions and communications are always direct, honest, and transparent.


Fort Washington, PA


182 US Employees


Vertical Industry Software Products & Services

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