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SmartBank emerged in January 2006, when long-time executive bankers Bill Carroll and Billy Carroll decided to start the process of organizing a bank with the image, values and service level that would become incomparable to any other bank in the market. SmartBank opened its first office in January 2007 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Today, SmartBank has 42 branches serving clients in Tennessee, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.
Recruiting the best people, delivering exceptional client service, strategic branching and a conservative and disciplined approach to lending have all given rise to SmartBank’s success. At SmartBank, we are committed to creating a better bank, and we will continue to work hard and capitalize on opportunities that build value for our shareholders, clients and associates.
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to build exceptional value for our brand and for our shareholders, associates, clients, and communities by delivering more than they think possible.... Read more


We build exceptional value for our SHAREHOLDERS by managing growth and maximizing profitability, return on investment, stock value, dividends, and liquidity. We build exceptional value for our ASSOCIATES by fostering a more fulfilling environment that respects individual needs, establishes high expectations and recognizes achievement. We build exceptional value for our CLIENTS by demonstrating incomparable care for their needs and increasing their financial wealth. We build exceptional value in our COMMUNITIES by providing lasting solutions to their problems and protecting their greatest assets. We’ve achieved this through the integrity and innovation of our Associates and directors – it’s THE SMARTBANK WAY.... Read more


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Knoxville, TN


497 US Employees



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What employees are saying

My love all my coworkers and my department management team value my ideas, cares about my career success, and promote a positive team culture.

I truly work with the best group of individuals ever! I have a leader and team who has my back, who pushes me to be the best me I can, and is genuinely concerned about my well-being inside and outside of work. I have a leader who wants to see me excel and actively takes part in making sure that happens. Co-workers go above and beyond to help, teach, guide, or whatever is needed without questions.

The atmosphere is happy and inclusive. Even the hectic days aren't too bad, because everyone keeps a positive outlook. I immediately felt welcomed and included when I started. I do not have previous banking experience, and I have never felt like a burden with my questions or lack of knowledge. I am strongly encouraged and supported on my journey to learn and grow within this company.

The culture of all employees being all in on our mission and values. It starts at the top.

I love my job because of the people I work for and work with. This is a huge family and I feel included and updated in so many ways. They care about their employees and their communities. We give back every chance we can and that speaks volumes to everyone around.

I get to work with so many great people across the organization

The environment is like none other I've ever worked in. It's calm, friendly and I really enjoy coming to work. My manager is fair and understanding and shows us so much encouragement and pride. SmartBank has made me feel like what each individual does in the work place matters.

I feel valued. I feel like I'm making a difference for my co-workers, employer, and customers.

I love my job because I love being able to help people, the people I work with became some of my best friends, I have gotten to know some of the clients which I love getting to see throughout the week, and I just love the culture of SmartBank. I feel like I can be myself here and I feel very cared for.

I feel validated by my supervisor and feel my work is important to the organization.

I get great satisfaction in being in a role that I can make a small difference in someone's life. I feel like management trusts my decisions and supports me in my daily work.

I am allowed to perform at peak and are very appreciated for my knowledge and abilities

I feel I really matter in the organization from the newest employee to the CEO.

I feel genuinely appreciated and valued. My supervisor is very transparent and we have an open line of communication.

Everyone I work with is so positive and uplifting. We have one another's back at all times, and willing to step up and help one another when needed.

I am able to learn and grow. I can voice opinions without fear of backlash. My opinions are welcomed.

I love what I do and I love the people I work with. All are so helpful and are willing to be there when needed.

I feel everyone here is doing their best not only for his/her self but to support everyone across the company. It's as if everyone knows that success also means success for everyone. It is truly a team atmosphere across all departments.

Core Values, Holding each other Accountable!

I feel my skills are valued, my work ethic appreciated and those I work with are respected.

I have a manager that supports me and cares about my success. I am also afforded a flexible schedule and work/life balance.

SmartBank is the best company I have ever worked for. Upper management is great and keeps us informed on things that are coming, they are always very helpful. Anytime I have had to contact another department for assistance they have been very helpful as well. It's a good feeling to know that when you need help there is someone that is willing to help you.

I feel like I am part of a large team pulling in the same direction.

The opportunities provided by SmartBank give me the opportunity to excel in both my career and home life.

I am heard. My opinions count. My manager understands my position and speaks up for us to other senior managers.

I have the opportunity to bring what I do best to the enterprise. My ideas and talents are respected, and my manager & team gives specific feedback to ensure projects are successful and well executed!

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