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We are a diverse team of engineers, designers, and strategists passionate about solving complex business problems.... Read more


We believe that good technology improves our daily lives in ways that few things can. Skookum exists to inspire and enable those wanting to create exceptional software and digital experiences.... Read more


We aim to build most impactful, sought-after, and well-run technology services company in the world.

We have the size and capabilities to solve our clients biggest problems
Provide our people with the most opportunity to learn and progress
Undeniable source of good in our communities

We are widely regarded as the market leader for the services we offer
We are known as the premier employer in the markets we serve
Our communities covet our leadership and participation

We have a reputation for dependable delivery and great client experiences
We run our business in a way that inspires confidence and motivates our people
Our quality and ability to deliver great experiences is felt by our communities
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We believe that good technology improves our daily lives in ways that few things can.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Our culture is truly what makes our workplace a great place to work. While our various perks are great, they aren’t what make up our culture. Our culture is based on the values that all our employees share and act on day to day. A few years ago, the company as a group came up with 5 core values that they felt embodied Skookum - ‘Choose to Be Happy’, ‘Own It’, ‘Simplify and Go’, ‘Embrace Change’, and ‘Give More Than You Take’. We talk about these core values day to day and even interview all new hires to make sure they share the same values and would bring a positive impact to Skookum.

Skookum offers a unique opportunity for employees to learn and grow in the ways they chose within their careers. From the learning budget to the variety of project work offered, Skookum allows employees to gain experience in new areas where they find interest. Skookum also maintains flexibility and autonomy for employees to solve problems in their own way, allowing them to constantly redefine processes and create solutions that are tailored to their unique situation and client. Along with flexibility in project work, Skookum also offers flexibility in work/life balance. Skookum is completely open to remote work (one employee worked from Brazil for three months!) and offers an open PTO plan with an average PTO of 4.5 weeks.
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Simplify and Go
We are a warm and supportive team for our clients and their users. We believe that complex solutions are a sign of mediocrity. Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend, and doing it today instead of tomorrow is the difference between mediocrity and greatness. The way to maximize learning is to experiment early and often – to make decisions and move forward.


Charlotte, NC


126 US Employees


Custom Software Development & Consulting

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