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Simplicity Laser opened in 2009 and set out to turn the laser hair removal industry upside-down. The Utah-based company now has 14 locations across the country. Simplicity Laser started by providing affordable laser hair removal with a pricing structure unlike anyone in the industry. Their rapid growth hasn't gone unnoticed, as they've won an array of national, state, and local awards. Even with this growth, Simplicity Laser's main focus has always been helping clients feel confident through laser hair removal and corrective services that are simpler than the rest of the industry.... Read more


Our purpose is to make laser hair removal affordable and accessible for everyone. ... Read more


Our vision is to be the progressive leader in the wellness and aesthetics industry. We are passionate about creating opportunities for men and women to better themselves from an outside-in approach.... Read more


Our mission is to transform people on the outside so they feel great inside by providing the most advanced, non-invasive corrective services and setting the standard with professional staff and the latest technology. At Simplicity, we understand that each client is unique, which is why we provide customized laser treatments in order to provide the most effective and efficient results based on each client’s individual needs. ... Read more


Simple to the Core
We spend the time to make things simple. We believe that simplicity resonates with those that we serve. We deliver products and answers that meet each client's needs.


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