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Service Coordination, Inc.

Service Coordination, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides quality case management services to older adults, those with disabilities, those with mental health diagnoses, those with medically complex needs, and others. With more than 20 years of hands on personal and community advocacy we believe that each individual is entitled to basic rights and the opportunity to pursue a life of their choosing.... Read more


At Service Coordination, Inc. we believe our communities are stronger when all people are included in and valued by society. We are dedicated to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility as we work to create a world where everyone belongs.... Read more


People experience the quality of life they choose. They are connected to an array of quality supports and services that are tailored to each of their unique wants and needs. People are valued in and by their communities.... Read more


Service Coordination provides quality case management services by helping people understand what their choices are and connecting them to resources in their communities in ways that respect their dignity and rights. We help people understand options in a dignified and respectful way. We provide quality information and helpful options that can guide people to resources of their choice, ultimately supporting their decisions to connect to available services.... Read more


People come first
Show respect and honor for ALL people and all aspects of their lives, in words and actions, keeping people at the center of what we do.


Frederick, MD


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