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The key to turning around our educational system lies in one simple word, "resilience." Kids need a holistic approach. As adults, we can't hope to remove all the negative influences a child faces on a daily basis, but we can focus on building protective factors within our youth. We can give children the opportunity to develop personal skills, confidence, and self-worth - important traits of a highly resilient person - to help them succeed academically and in life, despite their circumstances.... Read more


Self Enhancement, Inc (SEI) is dedicated to guiding underserved youth to realize their full potential... Read more


SEI is committed to helping youth and families realize their full potential. SEI believes that every child has a gift and that is our shared responsibility to help every child find his or her gift. By expanding learning opportunities and teaching every child that “Life Has Options,” SEI is seeing amazing results proving that SEI is the solution.... Read more


Working with schools, families, and partner community organizations, SEI provides support, guidance, and opportunities to achieve personal and academic success. SEI brings hope to individual young people and enhances the quality of community life.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

SEI is comprehensive, one-stop resource for youth and families, primarily African Americans and others living in poverty or seeking culturally responsive services It is also one of the city’s leading multi-service organizations, providing thousands of youth, families, and adults with a wide array of education and social service on an annual basis. SEI’s strength is in its ability to meet the complex needs of the children and families it serves, including helping people to overcome cultural, educational and economic barriers.... Read more


SEI Standards
1. In SEI we greet each other every day with a smile and a handshake to strengthen the relationship between us.

2. In SEI we honor and respect each other and so we address one another with proper language and speech.

3. In SEI we value the space of ourselves and others and are careful not to intrude or injure each other.

4. In SEI we are mindful of what is true, and strive to be honest in word and deed.

5. In SEI we treasure our rich culture and hold the cultures of all people in high regard.

6. In SEI we strive to reflect our beauty both inwardly in our understanding and outwardly in our appearance.

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