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Securly, Inc. Overview

Securly is an EdTech company whose mission is to keep students safe and productive at school and at home. Securly provides a comprehensive school-focused cloud-based web filtering and student safety platform to districts that allows filtering for any device, anywhere - with complete Google integration. Our platform eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks, and allows complete support for 1:1 initiatives, while offering easy deployment without software or hardware.

Securly’s cloud-based products not only work to filter content, manage apps, and ensure compliance, but they also alert schools to cyberbullying and self-harm, while engaging teachers, students, and parents. Securly’s patented automation and AI sentiment analysis, combined with 24/7 human monitoring by trained safety experts, protect over 10 million students each day. Awarded for innovation and customer service, Securly is headquartered in San Jose, CA and Charlotte, NC with offices on three continents.

To provide schools and parents with solutions that keep students safe and productive while online.
Securly’s vision is a digital world that is safer for kids anywhere and at all times.
Securly’s mission is to create solutions that provide online safety to kids on both their school and personal devices. Securly strives to build features that allow schools and parents to work together to nurture and guide children in managing their screen time safely and productively.
We encourage competition at work, but have a strong aversion to the slightest signs of office politics
Be Humane
Avoid workplace gossip/toxicity. Be respectful, even as managers of underperforming employees.
As managers, please create a fair workplace, and start each day with a "clean slate" without prejudice/bias.
Optics & Transparency:
Own your optics - if it looks bad, you need to make sure you own it, and fix it. Bar is especially high for managers.
Ability to take and give constructive feedback for continuous improvements
Work-ethic & professionalism:
Delivering meaningful value to the company/your role daily and weekly, consistently.
Charlotte, NC
80 US Employees
K-12 Student Safety


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