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Scholarship America Overview

Scholarship America is passionate about student success. It’s what drives us – developing leading solutions and partnering with people who also believe a student should never, ever give up on their educational dreams.

Since 1958, Scholarship America and its partners have helped over 2.6 million students and distributed over $4.3 billion in scholarships, making us the largest education support organization in the nation. Our partners include over 450 community-based Dollars for Scholars chapters, supported by over 12,500 volunteers. We also partner with 1,400 individuals and organizations who invest in students and education through scholarship and student success programs.

With unmatched capabilities and capacity, Scholarship America is able to advance best practices and lead an ever-changing industry. Today’s students require a broader range of supports to enroll in, persist through and complete a degree, certificate or credential. We are the go-to source providing student’s financial, cultural and social supports along their academic journey.

At our core, we help make students’ dreams possible.

We believe in the power of a scholarship.

We believe they can bridge gaps. Lessen the burden. And keep the American Dream alive.

But even more than scholarships, we believe in students. The ones who will carry our world forward. The next generation of makers and doers.

And because we believe in them, we invest in them. Eagerly and everywhere we can.

With passion, purpose, and incredible excitement for what a scholarship makes possible.
Create an America where every student’s educational dream can come true.
Be the leading and most trusted scholarship and student support organization offering impactful solutions with students always at the forefront.
Additional Culture Details
Our culture is built around the belief our staff is our number one asset and their engagement a top priority. We strive to have open communication that results in continuous improvement and a focus on our people and our purpose. Our goal is to create a positive environment based on two core tenets:

•    Our staff deserves meaningful work that allows them to make a difference and be part of something larger than themselves.
•    Our staff deserves a team-based environment where they can bring their whole heart and soul to work in an environment that recognizes that there is more to life than their career, but works to ensure they are challenged, developed, and allowed to flourish while at work.
An education is one of the most important investments someone can make, and it’s also costly. It costs money, time, sweat and sometimes tears. We know getting through college is not an easy task, we empathize and listen to the needs of those we serve— because every student has a unique story.
Everything we do at Scholarship America is hand-in-hand. Us with students. Students with mentors. Our organization with your organization. We believe there’s amazing power when two become one and that a shared commitment will always reach a greater good.
Behind the name “Scholarship America” is a passionate group of real people who believe in the power of education. Leaders who advocate for students, do the right thing and work with integrity—day after day, school year after school year.
The American Dream begins with believing it is for everyone. We offer scholarships for all students. Not just the top ten percent. Or those of a certain ethnicity. Or economic background. Or situation in life. We stand for inclusion and equity—for all students, all the time.
We believe in our mission. Because we know it works. Because we manage resources smartly. Because we make evidence-based recommendations. Because we set lofty goals to help students succeed—and we reach them.
When people think “scholarship” we want people to think of us. But even more holistic than that—we want them to think of us as their source for success. Getting to college and staying in college is hard and sometimes a student needs some help to keep their hope alive. We exist to be the encourager, believer and supporter by their side.
Bloomington, MN
172 US Employees


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