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Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service

Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Service was founded in 1855 by German cabinet-maker Philip Schoedinger. Today the business, in its sixth generation of family ownership, has grown to include 15 locations, three crematories, green burials, prearrangement services, bereavement support, Heart and Hope Funeral Homes, Buckeye Cremation Society, The Caregiving Tree website, monument services, and our pet services division which includes our therapy dogs, Willow and Banks.

Schoedinger holds the coveted designation of a member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes, a membership by invitation to only one funeral service in each community. Schoedinger has been recognized as one of the top three family-owned businesses in the country. The company also won the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio’s Integrity Award, and CEO Magazine’s Best Places to Work in Central Ohio.
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Our culture is the heart and foundation of our organization. This culture makes us thrive to be successful and makes us different and unique. We have a unique high performance way of doing business. It is not unique to be unique. It is unique to provide excellence. It is unique to create healing experiences with care, quality, and compassion. We are purposeful in enabling every associate to be informed, involved and innovative. This in turn, enables us to effectively exceed the needs of our families and communities.... Read more


We create unique healing experiences for the entire family & community touched by death, recognizing that every life deserves to be remembered, shared, and honored.... Read more


Schoedinger provides compassionate care to our central Ohio communities… before, during, and after each funeral service. We diligently work with every family to create meaningful services that honor and remember the special life of a loved one. Our legacy and experience enable us to help family and friends support each other through the journey of grief.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We are a vision-based, family-owned company that has thrived over the past 160 years. We share
a common vision which each of us has had an opportunity to help shape and fully embrace. When
faced with any challenge our actions are guided by this vision, and we work each day to make the
vision a reality.

Our Behaviors:

These beliefs translate into a set of behaviors that we expect from one another. Our performance
is measured against the objectives we set and the practice of these behaviors. These are the
leadership behaviors we expect of one another.

1. I identify those affected by my work and include them on mission critical information. I am a
purposeful communicator.
2. I utilize facts and relevant information in my work to improve decision making.
I am knowledgeable.
3. I treat others with dignity through my words and actions, and value the power of diversity.
I am respectful.
4. I perform my work with honesty and reliability. I am accountable.
5. I genuinely care for the associates and families we serve. I am compassionate.
6. I act in the best interests of the total company and tactfully challenge others when these
behaviors are not being followed. I am trustworthy.
7. I form and participate actively on teams to address the opportunities and challenges we face.
I build positive morale.
8. I understand where we came from and how we got here. I am part of a long-standing tradition.
I contribute to our legacy.
9. I continually enhance my own knowledge and skills, set goals and objectives, work to exceed
them and measure progress. I demonstrate self-growth.
10. I promote best practices and bring new insights and ideas to my work and effectively share
them with others. I facilitate mutual empowerment.
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We do things honestly even when no one is looking. We respect the living and the dead. We believe every human being deserves to be honored and remembered.

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