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We have survived the legal industry's reputation of heavy turnover and are currently cruising through what we believe is becoming a successful process of "Succession Planning 101" and strengthening and building our ability to attract and retain employees. We feel in building a strong culture through communication and building on the process and belief that a "happy employee is a productive employee."
And we are reaping the rewards. Don't get me wrong, we do work hard and have our moments, but we do support each other and allow for us to express what we need to enable us to make us enjoy coming to work here every day.
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As part of our firm’s culture, we promote active leadership and involvement in the profession and in our community. We have attorneys who are leading important legal and business associations, committees, and boards, as well as are civic and local government leaders throughout our region.... Read more


Dedication to our culture.
We value the culture we create at the firm. We recognize the time, effort and dedication our employees put into what they are doing so they know their work has meaning and value; we know and want them to know what they put into their hard work is appreciated. A relaxed and flexible atmosphere is important in an industry such as ours.


Cleveland, OH


52 US Employees



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What employees are saying

It enables me to work at my highest potential within a team environment. There is no divide amongst the departments and no separation between attorneys or staff. Lots of commeraderie.

I have been given a platform to develop the type of practice that is meaningful to me while receiving the benefits of mentorship and networking opportunities from senior attorneys.

I get help clients achieve their goals.

I work with great people

I get to help people, in an environment where there is interesting work.

I feel very appreciated in the work I do, I feel like an important part of the team. It is such a friendly atmosphere to come in to work every day to.

Everyone is so freindly and works together well. Feels like family.

I like the intellectual challende

The firm has very high quality and caring attorneys

Able to work on interesting projects in a stimulating, collegial environment

We do great work and it feels like a family.

Work with great humans who have recognized expertise in various legal areas

I think I help my clients and my colleagues solve important problems

it challenges me to be my best and to learn new things.

we help people solve problems

I am asked to voice my opinion and don't feel ashamed of doing it.

I get to work to my fullest potential.

Work Life Balance

The people at SSSB are awesome! I have never encountered anyone unfriendly or unwelcoming.

I feel respected

Good people working hard in a professional and caring way.

I feel like I am appreciated for the work I do

I work for and with great people. Most of the team memebers are willing to help at all times and we work very well as a team. I like working for a smaller firm...feels like family.

We have the chance to practice law at a very high level with great work-life balance.

I like the work I do and love the people at SSSB

I think I help our clients.

The people all care and help welcoming new employees to the mix. I leave every day feeling as if I accomplished something,

I feel comfortable expressing my ideas and feel like I am a valuable member of the team.

I work with some great attorneys and staff and I am suited to the type of work we do.

my co-workers and I work well together and my bosses respect me. I know I can rely on my co-workers and they know they can rely on me. My bosses listen to my opinion and suggestions and express their appreciation for my hard work.

I'm doing what I love to do and have had many opportunities to learn

I assist people in solving challenging legal problems.

I am put in a position to succeed and to showcase my talents.

I have the autonomy to be a part of a great culture. Kindness goes a long way in that it encourages you to do the best that you can because you are appreciated for your roll here.

There is no gap between the generations and there is always chatter amongst the people that are there daily.

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