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Satterfield & Pontikes is an entrepreneurial company that very much represents Houston’s can-do attitude. Founded 30 years ago, S&P recognized the most important thing it could do was deliver what was promised. A commitment to constantly improve the way work gets done and provide more certain delivery for our clients then became the cornerstone of a business that has grown into one of the most diverse and dynamic construction companies in the area.

S&P is what happens when desire and effort are supported by technology and experience. S&P is well-known for its use of technology and the industry-wide impact that has had on collaboration, efficiency, and transparency.

At its core, Satterfield and Pontikes is a service company. Founder George Pontikes reminds people that to be in business, you have to have a customer. To stay in business, you have to keep your customers. This focus on providing outstanding service starts with paying attention to every S&P employee and providing a strong company culture. S&P’s future and sustainability depend on its teams being well-trained and motivated. And, while the culture must adapt and grow along with the company, it will always be centered around the customer.
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Houston, TX


360 US Employees


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