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SandBox Logistics Overview

SandBox provides an innovative new service for the storage, handling and well site delivery of proppant used in the hydraulic fracturing process. Through its proprietary sand delivery process and containerization equipment, SandBox has the ability to increase operational efficiency by eliminating many of the logistics problems and transportation bottlenecks that are common in the industry. Our system also substantially reduces silica dust and noise pollution, improving both environmental conditions and safety at fracturing operations.

To solve the oil and gas industry’s logistical challenges that allow our customers to provide affordable and sustainable energy to the world
We aim to be the world's leading last mile logistics company, most admired for our people, service and performance.
Our mission is to safely deliver innovative technology and services that improve efficiency, decrease non-productive time and maximize production for our customers.
Additional Culture Details
A message from our President, Daniel Miers: SandBox employees make up the world's most exceptional last mile logistics team. We are a family whose hard work and dedication ensure that more than 25% of North America's oil and gas well completions are as productive as possible. Since 2011, SandBox has employed thousands of highly qualified individuals in a wide array of professional disciplines. Our unique service offering, underpinned by world-class customer service has allowed SandBox to grow and enjoy an enviable market leading position for complete last mile logistic services. Sandbox's success is grounded in our collective commitment to our Core4 values: Safety, Efficiency, Best Delivery and Innovation.
Safety: SandBox believes that building safety into all CORE Values provides the foundation of protecting our employee and those who work around us. We start they day believing that, “No one gets hurt on our watch today."
Innovation: We believe that SandBox equipment and process application provides the most reliable and safest method for “last-mile” delivery. We will continue utilizing our innovative nature to find new, better, and safe methods for “last mile delivery."
Effeciency: We know that combining safety with innovative equipment / processes the result will be improved efficiency, maximizing our effort in meeting our customer’s goals.
Best Delivery: From the initial order / dispatch to placing the SandBox on the conveyor for product delivery, safe, innovative, and efficient practices leads to Best Delivery, rounding out our CORE4 values. We Believe we are the best at “last mile delivery."
Houston, TX
800 US Employees
Oil & Gas Services


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