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S-One Holdings Corporation

S-One Holdings Corporation provides innovative product research, development, manufacturing, and distribution to digital imaging, design, and print professionals worldwide since 1994. Our progressive focus and leadership on the evolution of B2B commerce have positioned us as a control point in the industry as digital printing expands, and traditional analog printing contracts. We partner with global brands and manufacturers to provide advanced digital marketing, an integrated and flexible supply chain, and comprehensive technical support. For more information, please visit Read more


Our purpose is our heartbeat. Heart is at the center of all we do and why we do it. It’s about making a positive impact on our people, customers, and community. Purpose brings us together and makes a lasting impression. It’s why our team members enjoy working each day. It’s why our people don’t want to leave S-One. They know their work matters. From making new team members feel welcome to giving each other more opportunities to succeed. Because of our purpose, we help customers grow their businesses while giving them personal service and our expertise to give them a competitive advantage. Our purpose fills us with motivation to give the underserved more opportunities to succeed.

Our purpose in practice:
1. Create opportunities to thrive as a company, team members, individuals, and community.
2. Maintain an inclusive, encouraging, and enjoyable work environment nurturing team members’ strengths and talents.
3. Innovate ways to develop products, support team members, and embrace relationships with customers and partners.
4. Encourage team members, customers, and others to embrace sustainable solutions.
5. Build better connections among teams with social and community activities.
6. Pioneer solutions that disrupt our industry with change-making products providing the latest technology and best value.
7. Be the company people are proud to work for and do business with.
8. Enjoy a work-life balance.
9. Support community.
10. Improve lives with opportunities to learn and grow.
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Drive profitable growth every year by focusing on our values and key strategies and behaving ethically and responsibly.... Read more


We aspire to be recognized as having the best customer and employee experience in the digital printing industry.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Our support and encouragement of personal and professional growth are woven into the company’s fabric. Our transparent nature and “all ideas welcome” style provides opportunities for anyone in our company to succeed. All team members have opportunities to grow and thrive daily. We choose team members with character, a passion for learning, and a desire to succeed. We have clear expectations and guidelines, but we give our team members the autonomy to be creative and innovative. We seek diversity and fresh perspectives because only then do we gain new and exciting ideas consistently.

We’re proud of our company and know people enjoy working here. Our average tenure is approximately 10 years. One of the ways we show appreciation is through our recognition program.

We know that the success of our company is due to the hard work and dedication of our team members who go above and beyond in their daily engagement. That's why we believe in recognizing and honoring their exceptional contributions through our awards and recognition program. From our Quarterly Awards to our annual retreat, our program celebrates the commitment of our team members to our values and to the success of our company.

At S-One, our Core Values answer the questions, “What does S-One stand for?” and “What does it mean?” We stand for Selfless Service, Change, Openness, Customers First, Respect, and Accountability. We stand for doing the right thing even when no one is looking.
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Selfless Service
One of our values is Selfless Service. Our desire to put the welfare of our company, customers, and colleagues before our own is the foundation upon which everything else is built. When we lead with Selfless Service, our focus turns outward and causes us to do the right thing and serve from the heart and soul. Hard conversations become more straightforward, and solutions come faster.


Sarasota, FL


186 US Employees


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